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Video Transcript

How can I hit the perfect golf flop shot every time? Now if you are hitting a flop shot you should be around the green in a slightly troublesome situation, so you need to get the ball up in the air very, very quickly and you need to land very, very softly. A classic example of this is you’ve got a bunker in front of you and you’ve got the pin tied behind you just onto the green. If there’s an alternative though, so a slightly low shot explore that option first, because a flop shot is not an easy technique to actually achieve. However there are a few things that you can do to make sure if you are playing a flop shot, it is a more successful shot. Now first of all you need to identify what type of lie you are on, if you are on a fluffy lie, so the ball is setup slightly, it is slightly different technique than if the ball is on a tight lie and it’s sat down.

If the ball is sat down let’s say a divot or it’s below the level of the ground and you can’t get the club underneath the ball then don’t attempt to play the flop shot. If it’s on a fluffy lie first of all we need the ball just towards the front of the stance so just forward of center, you are on the weight even which is the most important part, you are on open of the club face and then take your grip toward loft, but not to twist of hands and then from there, you want to be taking a nice full swing with a nice full wrist hinge and getting that club underneath the ball and it should pop up very, very quickly don’t slow down on it, keep the actual swing, speed up through the shoot – and the ball will pop up very, very high and land very, very softly.

However if the ball is of a tight lie and you use that technique it simply go straight into the ball, you need to alter the technique very, very slightly. So exactly the same setup ball position changes slightly goes into the middle the club face is still open but the body weight goes slightly onto the front foot and what this will cause is a slightly steeper angle of attack to get underneath the ball. And as you get underneath the ball it will pop up again nice and high and it will land very, very softly. So when you pay in the flop shot make sure that your lie is appropriated technique and make sure you can actually get the ball up and down. Identify the situation and use this technique and hopefully you will play some successful flop shots.