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Video Transcript

So a little bit of question to you. How can I hit the ball lower? Well, very simply. The best way of hitting the ball lower is to set yourself up and let’s move the ball further back into the stance. So for me saying that, we’re moving the ball back towards the right foot for those right-handed golfers, okay? So, if you’re finding yourself getting the ball excessively high, let’s put the ball back in the stance. And what this is going to do is increase the angle of attack. So, we’re going to hit the ball lower. So, we want to hit the ball earlier in the down swing rather than later.

So, as I put the ball further back, you can see my hands are a little bit further forward than what they might have been. We want to go down the grip ever so slightly that gives us a slightly steep arc. And because that ball is further back, what’s going to happen now is the swing will become steeper. So, that means it’s going to go up a little bit quicker than it would had been rather than kind of going back low. So from here it goes up. And as we come down, the angle of attack is much steeper. Because of that we’re hitting down, hitting the ball early and a loft is hitting down further golf shots.

So this is a really, really good ploy for when you need to hit that ball and you got these trees over hanging. We want to keep that ball over to drive it or much in the golf course, windy conditions that we have in the UK here all the time so it seems and the wind always seems to be against you. You need to control that ball. We want you to drill that ball low. So very simply it’s not really hard to go into the driving range put a club down by your feet and look at the angle where you normally have the ball and just put it back. Don’t go to your back foot. Let’s go half way between where we would have been and where we actually are now. So, you can see I just moved it back. And that is sufficient to actually get over that ball and if I demonstrate with this club, now she’s a six iron I’ll swing it steeper and that ball is a lot lower, a lot lower indeed.

One of the common myths basically and incorrect answer is when people say when I hit the ball lower, they have it in their mind that if I set up and I swing the club slower, that will do the job. It won’t do any change at all other than reducing your distance. Remember, the only way to keep that ball low is by hitting the ball early in the swing and that creates a nice drilling effect, a nice low penetration.

So now, you’ve got the method, the correct answer to do this, go and practice it and see what you can reward yourself with.