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Video Transcript

Okay, so how can I stop thin golf shots? Well you could try and use your right hand to actually push the club downwards into the golf ball because the thin is where we hit the middle of ball. Typical so how many times you’ve been doing this, you’ve set yourself up and you have come into it and you have caught the ball halfway up, and the ball travels low, all of a sudden the ball is landing, lots of bounce on it, no control. And on the winter’s day, your hands are tingling on, there’s that vibration goes up into your fingers because you’ve mishit it a thin.

So a thin is where we hit the middle of the ball and it tends to kind of come from this sort of action, where we’re kind of coming up and the body weight is tending to stay back a little bit here.

So what we want to do, let’s set ourselves up into the ball. We know what we are doing wrong so let’s get the right answer into place. We want you to try and hit down and through. What I’ve done here I’ve put a couple of tee pegs in the ground, and they are about two inches in front of the ball. And I want you to focus, as we’re coming to the ball. With your right hand I want you to push that club down, so it’s pushing it down to the base of the ball and I want this ideally a divot to start from the ball through those tee pegs.

So let’s put it into practice. I’m over the ball, I’ve not made any change in my set up here at all, okay? I’m focusing on keeping my weight 50-50 as we would do for a conventional golf shot. I’ve got an eight time here so the ball position is in between my stance, in the middle of the stance. And I know what to focus on with my right hand. I’ll do a very shot backswing, and then from here my right hand hitting down, and you can see the two tee pegs have now gone down to the ground there as I’ve concentrated on the right hand hitting down and through.

So I’m hitting down into that ball with my right hand, it’s not my body because that will cause a other problems. It’s my right hand here is focusing on hitting downwards and then through. And the idea is to hit that ball and hit those two tee pegs I just hit from and do what I do there. That focus is on hitting down and through and more importantly, we kiss goodbye to those thin golf shots.