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So can I alter my grip to help crate specialty golf shots? Well yes you can I want to show you a couple of examples of what we actually create. So by altering the position of hands on the club I am going to show you how you can actually create a fade, which is a ball that travels just slightly left of the target and just tiptoes to the right, and I am also going to show you a position where we can actually increase that to actually slice the ball, so its two shots from, left to right and then I am going to show a position where you can shade the ball from right to left. So specialty golf shots, maybe you are in a home, you are in a position ideal, a position of the fairway but the green is stuck to the right in a big tree, you can't go over. So you need to create a specialty golf shot maybe that one needs to move from left to right, so with that lets start talking about that one what can we do.

Well by altering the positioning of your hands if I put my left hand back to the left hand side so it's this way, this will allow my right hand to sit more on the top and this called a weak grip. And when we put those hands in that position it will actually make my shoulders open down the left hand side, so here is a conventional grip with my shoulders running nice and parallel to my feet and my clip to target line, represented by this sticks on the floor. But when I put my hands in a weak position left hand now going to the left and my right hand coming over you can see my shoulder disappears, so by weakening my grip by putting the left hand under opens my shoulders. So if I was to do my normal swing now from this position what will tend to happen is that the club would tend to move ever so slightly outside the line and then from there it would follow the line of the shoulders which would be to come inside the line and by coming across that ball it would move that ball from left to right.

Now again this is a shot for going onto the practice area and working there’s a very fine line between a fade and a ball that slice up really curves, it's all down to how much you are weak in your grip, remember this is a weak grip and this over specialty shot we are talking about so its right to left it’s a strong grip, where the left hand comes over and the right hand then gets forced more underneath. And it’s a very, very fine line between just taking the hands slightly to the right which is going to produce a draw because now the shoulders will move around to the right slightly and then from there that will create a swing which will become a little bit more in the end and then from there as we get back into the ball we then hit out and through and it produces a spin that starts to rotate the ball from right to left.

And off course if you exaggerate that position by going very, very strong you can imagine you can create a big hook so there by changing the position of your hands I have shown you four different golf shots which are specialty golf shots that you can be called upon to produce on the golf course when you need to. But remember you need to go out and you need to practice on these shots to perfect them.