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Aiming at the middle of the green is going to be one of those simplest pieces of advice you could give to most club golfers, that has the potential to cut four or five shots of their next round of golf instantly. The problem with this is it takes a huge amount of discipline to consistently aim at the middle of the green and never get drawn into hitting to the flag. We all play golf for enjoyment, we all play golf for those one of shots that come off and they land close to the flag and spin close and you tap them in for a birdie you get round of applause of your mates. But actually by trying to hit that shot day in day out, you probably hit more bunkers, more water hazards and miss more greens than if you just aim for the center of the green. And aiming for the center of the green often feels like a little bit of a, a little bit of a sort of cop out if you like, you’re not playing for a birdie on every hole suddenly, you’re actually playing for middle of the green two putt pars maybe even two putt boogies if you don’t hit the ball very far off the tee, but that would improve your scores hands down, it would be easier to score well if you just aim at the center of the green.

The difficulty here is standing at the back of the ball looking at the green, seeing the flag is offset to one side, but telling yourself to pick a spot in the middle of the green and aim straight at it and then not compensating your swing. So many times we see golfers do this, they pick the spot in the middle of the green which is good, they aim dead for it and then at the top of their swing, they change their mind, they see the flag at the corner of their right, they think I’m going to hit to the flag, but turn their hands over too much, they knock it into trouble. Seeing the flag on the other side of the green, I’m going to push out on the flag and they push out sure we can right and it comes up short. It’s a real difficulty I have in my coach and he’s convincing people to aim for the center of the green over the course of a full round of golf and track that progress and see their scores. But try for the next maybe five rounds of golf, never get attracted to the flag, play to the center of the green, play away from the hazards and see how that helps improve your scores. You might not make as many birdies but you definitely won’t make as many double bogies.