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Video Transcript

The question is do we need a different swing for a driver and an iron? The answer is no, it’s the same swing. The swing should never change at all, but what does change is the clubs that we actually use. So for example if I was to use an iron compared to the wood you can see quite clearly that iron is much shorter than a wood. So here I’ve got a six iron and a three wood so there’s a big difference. So the difference there would be that the iron will make me stand closer to the ball and the wood would make me stand further away from the ball. When you start changing things like club selection, the setup will be the same as far as the alignment is concerned. So if I set myself up here as far as aiming the club face and gripping it and separating my feet all that stays exactly the same, the only thing that’s going to change is the distance away from the ball and the ball position in relation to the feet. Everything else is going to stay exactly the same, there’s no two grips and two this, two that, the swing is the same, the swing will be exactly the same whether it’s a nine iron, six iron driver you’re still going to turn those shelves and bring the club on the inside, get that from the inside and then finish through with the weight on the left hand side.

So it’s one swing for every club, the only difference is it’s psychologically which is a big faction of this game. We get a wood on our hand and all of a sudden the ball is on the ground and it’s the balls on the ground we start to try and make things happen. So if I put this ball on the ground people tend to get themselves over and then try and hit the ball up in the air and of course you can just imagine what happens there. So what you got to do is remember setup, according to the golf club, you will be either further away or closer depending on what the length of the club is and the only change will be is the ball position. And I basically like to work on just two ball positions. If you’re using a seven iron to some which I’ll let you encourage my people to have the ball in the center of the stance, and if you’re playing anything outside those clubs six iron, five iron would just put the ball a little bit further forward because those clubs when the number go six, five, four, three, those clubs are decreasingly loft by four degrees every single time so what little loft we’ve got then is put forward.

So we’re actually hitting the ball slightly on the upward up. So what little loft we’ve got goes into the back of the ball and when you use your seven to sandwich there in the middle they’ve got lots of loft and then the quarter difference is we swing and we h it down into the ball. So the question was do we have different swings for the drive and irons? No, same swing just slightly different setup and hopefully you can put that into practice and get a little bit more consistency in the game.