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Video Transcript

So how could you get out a buried lies of the bunker, and just imagine there is nothing more annoying as you just putt a shot to the green you just missed a target and the ball is buried. It’s so infuriating it might be buried because the sand is soft it may be buried because it’s actually landed in someone’s feet marks and if not right in the bunker. But the fact to the matter is that ball is now buried in the bunker, so how will you go about it? Well the most important thing is to get the most lofty club that you’ve got, it could be a 60 degree, if you’ve got 64, take the 64, forget the fact that I’ve got a sand wedge and that means I’ve got to play bunker shells in my sand wedge. In this case it’s your most lofty club. I’ve got my 60 degree. The first thing I’m going to do is change the ball position from a normal bunker shell. So I’m going to put the ball position further back in line such – because you see here the line the ball is further back and I’m going to put my hands well forward so you can see my club face is looking a little bit closed rather than a sort of conventional square position because I’m going to have to dig, I need to get down deep. So I set myself with the ball position back, I’m going to keep this weight on the left hand side and this is key, if you transfer this weight and you move your legs back we’re in big trouble, we’re going to hit the ground too far behind, keep the weight in the left hand side 60, 40, ball position back, hands forward.

Now what we need to do here is to come in about one and a half, two inches behind the ball and I want you to fully commit, commit to the attack as we come into it. So when you go back here we’re going to basically from here pick that club up nice and steep and then we’re going to come in nice and hard into the sand about two inches behind. Don’t get too fancy it could be one inch behind because if you do, there’s a high chance that you’re going to hit the top of the ball which could result in knocking it even further into the ground. Now when you play this shot because you’re closing the phase compared to where you would normally be and because that ball is further back and the swing is coming steeper, the ball is going to come out lower and it’s going to have topspin on the ball. So what’s your priority? It’s to get the ball out of the bunker number one, secondly if you’re good enough and you’ve got enough practice you’ve got to land the ball on the front of the green knowing full well that it’s going to go along the clappers. Okay, so let’s play this golf shot, pull back in the stance, weight in the left hand side; keep the club head not here but a good couple of inches behind the ball. And from here I want you to pick that club up and hit down and by hitting down that ball is going really, really high and when it comes out remember it’s got topspin. So how do you get out of buried bunker, you’ve not got the tool, just go out and practice.