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Okay so how Can I Stop a Pulled slice golf shot? Well simply you need to swing a little bit more on the inside and to rotate your body through. So what is a Pull Sliced Golf Shot? So here is my sets, if I’m going down towards the target my feet are really parallel. A pull shot is one that starts the left-hand side that its journey [Phonetic] [0:00:29] to the left and then it slices to the right-hand side that’s a Pull slice golf shot. What takes to create that is a swing that is predominantly swinging the club what we call outside the line, a club that actually moves away from my body and then tends to come across the ball. So the journey starts with that ball travelling to the left-hand side and as we come across that ball depending on the club face position, we get this pull and then we get this movement where the ball is rotating from the left to the right so it’s a Pull Slice.

Now to get rid of it we need to swing the club as we said right at the beginning a little bit more of inside and rotate the body. Remember in as an exaggeration you are swinging the club that way to this way. That’s what you are doing in effects, swinging it outside to inside. What we want you to do is change; we want you to swing the club on the inside. So what I have done here is I put the golf ball down, set two balls just outside the line about 8 inches back and another two balls on the inside. Now if I was actually swinging the club as I was doing before incorrectly the chances are, I will come and I would catch that ball on my take away. But more importantly I’m going to smash these two balls on my follow through as I come across.

So to get rid of it, what we ought to do, is we’ll just concentrate now on actually turning the body, so let’s bring the club on the inside which is coming on this side, so from here let’s turn the left knee the hips let’s coil the body and the shoulders. Let’s turn from here, so I have now turned the club has come on the inside path those two balls not in any danger whatsoever, as we come through into the hitting area, we’re now coming back on this direction from the inside. So that shot that we encourage – that we were doing before which is the pull slice it isn’t in the bag anymore because the swing path in now completely different. So from here rotate the body back as we’re coming to the hitting area, we come from the inside we hit through and then we rotate the body through to the target.

So we are talking about rotation and direction. Rotation is simply the focus of what I’ve got to do is to turn if you put these here is like having a gate system. There is a gate that basically says to me if I’ve taken the club on the outside, and I’ve got a gate on the front so if I do come across there I hit those two balls. If you don’t feel confident with the golf balls substitute them for maybe two or three wooden tee pegs standing in the ground here and there as a very simple solution there, to get rid of this pull slice and change the swing path which was what the problem was in the first place with a very simple exercise. So put this into practice and get rid of that pull slice.