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So senior golf clubs, do they work out of bunkers? Well yes, but a lot varies depending on what your face was; so I’ll give you some examples. If your ball is in the banker, and the face is very close and is high, then obviously that’s not going to be a good life for a hybrid. If the ball sat down on a downhill lie with the face close by, again a hybrid wouldn’t be a good choice. So you’ve got to look at first of all what’s the lie; is the lie a good lie, is the lie on a down slope or an up slope, these are things you must consider. And is the face is very close to you or is that face very high? If those factors are against you, then obviously you would consider using an iron just to get the club – the ball out of the bunker, so keep that in the back of your mind.

So lets assume that we’ve got a normal line in a bunker, what’s the technique? Well, the first thing is, is to set yourself up as if you were the iron. So if you were going to play a 6 Iron out of the fairway bunker that use a no. 6 hybrid, and let’s position the ball in the same position as what you would have done, which would be hopefully just slightly forward or center. From here when you grip the club, or you would give all bunker shots, be aware to concentrate on griping very tight with the top two fingers, that’s your ring finger and your little finger. And the reason for that that helps to stop the club face from closing at impact.

So you’ve got the ball position, you’ve got the grip and then from this position here, we want you to concentrate – remember this is a nice bunker shot, it’s a fairway shot; so we want to try and just nip the ball. So from here, what we don’t want to do is to go and I have lost the hinge the wrist, because that would create too steep a swing. So what we want to focus on, is to swing this club back low and slow. So if I take that club back shallow nice and low, we want to focus on them just nipping the ball in the sand. If your club that catches that sand you can just imagine it would decelerate into the close the club face.

So there’s the technique, the reason why hybrids are so good to use in bunkers, of course of the design. If you’re using an iron, you’ve got to swing it and get it to perfection to get that ball out where you want it to go. With a hybrid, it’s so much more forgiving. You’ve got a deep cavity; you’ve got the weight around the perimeter. This makes it much more forgiving, has the weight low in the soil, so everything is going for you, but remember, the question is, is it good for fairway bunkers? Yes, but in certain circumstances, now we discussed that rest in the beginning. So there’s the position you want to be, if I swing this club back now, it will go back nice low and slow and focus on just nipping the ball nice and clean. And by getting that nice and clean that ball has escaped, you’ve not got the sand and you going to the maximum distance and trajectory with the hybrid that you chose.