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Okay, we are going to talk about playing golf shots from very soft lies. Imagine you have had overnight rain and the ground is very soggy, very muddy, very boggy, where your footprints are kind of going down. The last thing you want to do is to be able to come into that ball and actually catch that ground. Because if you do, you can just imagine, apart from that lovely outfield you have got on that being covered in mud, that ball is just not going to go anywhere at all. So we have got to change our technique to how to play this golf shot.

So the way to go, first of all, select the golf club that you feel comfortable with. And once you have got the club behind the ball, because we are concentrating on hitting the ball and not the ground, because the conditions are so bad, I want you to go down the grip further than what you would have normally done. And by doing that, you have actually brought the club very up away from the ground. So we are going down that grip, okay, so just go down a little bit, select the cover you feel happy with, and from here, because we want to catch the ball first, it's a little bit like a setup for like a sort of chip and run shot.

So we want to put the ball a little bit further back in the stance, because by putting the ball back, it will encourage us to catch the ball turf, not turf ball. And by putting the weight, predominantly a little bit like 60:40 on your left side, this is going to help to create that angle. So there we go, I have gone down the grip, it’s pulling the club a little bit higher, making me to get a much cleaner strike. I have got the ball further back. I have got the weight 60-40 on my left side.

And now from here, I am just going to hover that club, take the club back, and I will drill that golf ball, because I have put that ball back, I have got exactly what I wanted. Ball first, so it’s a lower ball flight, because for that ball position, but one thing that’s not going to happen is you are not going to come in and catch that soggy ground, get that lovely outfit ruined and more importantly hit a bad golf shot. A simple tip, go and work on it.