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Video Transcript

Let me ask you a question. How can I hit my golf shots higher? Well, the simple answer is to actually move the ball forward in your stance compared to where you might have had it. So, let me explain. If you find your golf shots going a little bit on the low side and let’s just say for argument sake is a mid-iron. So mid-iron is like a seven iron, eight iron, those sort of clubs. And you’ve got the ball positioned, the ball is got a little bit low, the chances are that the ball might be a little bit too far back in your stance. So here you can see much you’re just behind the center. So, what we want you to do is to move the ball slightly further forward. So, by doing that, let’s move the body backwards. So, as I come back, you can now see, the ball has gone further forward.

By putting the ball further forward, what’s going to happen is that the angle of attack is now going to be changed. When the ball was back in the stance, we were picking the club off a little bit quicker and actually coming down. So, as we’re coming down, we’re almost going to smothering the shot with decrease in the loft of the club. So, by putting the ball further forward, the launch is a little bit more shallow and as I come into the back of the ball, the club is coming into the back of the ball but coming through and it’s coming up. So, what loft we’ve got on this clubface is now hitting the ball through and up. So, it’s a very, very simple way of trying to get that ball going higher.

And of course, higher shots have those advantages. How many times do you face with a shot where you need to get that ball high over the obstacles like trees, water, bunkers, and more importantly, how about winding ball softer on the greens. So, there’s lots of advantages there. So, next time you go out and you want to hit the ball higher, let’s move that ball further forward and you should see the results pretty quickly.

One of the incorrect answers that we hear time and time again is when the people try and get the club underneath the ball, they try and lift the ball up in air. So, the ball is going on the low side. They set themselves up and as they come in to the ball. They try and lift the ball up in the air with their hands and lean back with their body. The more you do this, the more you’re going to hit the top half of the ball. So, that’s an incorrect answer, very, very common sort of a miss there. So, you got the answer now to how to hit that ball higher, go away and practice.