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So the question is can I use my putting stroke to play my chip shots? Well it’s a resounding, very loud yes please do so. If you look at your putting stroke, your putting stroke is something where you set up to the ball and as you go back everything hinges from your shoulders. But keep in mind that the putter has the least amount of loft than any club in your bag, that's exactly what we want to do, we want t everything to hinge from the shoulders going tick tock and the club goes back like a pendulum backwards and forwards. And no matter you do it goes back on one track and it comes back on the same track so we need that don’t we, imagine it’s a three foot putt, we’ve got to be able to take that putter backwards and through.

As you look from this angle here, the putter is going straight back and straight through, it’s all hinging from my shoulders. Now when people play the chips, they tend to basically put the hands on and they tend to try and use their sort of normal swing and that’s where the downfall comes. If I said to you hold the club as you would normally do for normal shots and set yourself up as if you’ve got a putter and then just do the same things where everything is hinging from the shoulders and you notice that the body isn’t doing anything, so from her shoulders backwards and forwards, shoulders backwards and forwards so if I step to this ball now, and keep my legs still to free my swing back and forward. And the loft of the club here is setting the ball up in the air because all I have done is concentrated on getting myself over the ball, eyes over the ball and from here I hinge no wrists but swing back with my shoulders going back and my shoulders going through.

So everything this letter Y that I've created with my two arms and my club and being maintained throughout the whole swing. And the club goes nice and low to the ground backwards and forwards and the club does the job for me. And the same thing from this angle here, if I take the cub back like a putter and just swing it from my shoulders backwards and forwards, you can there's no body movement, there's no hips going, there's no shoulders going, it’s all arms. No wrist activity, just arms. So next time you're out playing your chipping run please remember that that putting stroke you had take it to the chipping run and you should find yourself play much, much more consistent chip shots.