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So the question is how can I strike my driver out of the middle every time. Well it’s like a million dollar question is it? We all want to hit the ball out in the middle, we know if we hit over the hill, it turns the club face and sends the ball to the left and vice versa of the toe. So that’s the million dollar question, so how do we get that ball more out of the middle of the club face? Well I’m going to basically drive home a couple of things to you how important the actual set up is your alignment, your posture and your swing to give you that consistency with that strike. And once I’ve shown that, really to find that middle of the club face which is what we are all searching for, the best thing to do is go see and see a PGA pro and spend lots of time with him every single week grooving what I’m going to show you and you must follow it with up plenty of practice, okay?

So I’m going to show you what to do and don’t think going out there and just doing what I’ve shown you straight away it’s going to get the magic sort of ingredients, if you practice with it, it will do. So what do we need to do? We focus, first of all we need to focus on the basics, the fundamentals, the set up, putting the club face behind the ball so the club face is actually aiming align for the target. So the way to do it is not by aiming the club like this like you ought to do looking for the target for the target 200 yards away thinking yeah, that looks good. That just hits a miss I can assure you but your club face is very rarely on line. But by standing behind the ball, and looking at an extension to line from where I’m standing now to the target and picking something out just there, yeah just there, just six inches in front of that ball. All of sudden the job of aiming the club face to the target is simple because the target is not there it’s now here because you brought the target to the ball and that has got to help where that ball is going to be to start with.

The second thing is having a good ball position. So by driving the ball position just needs to be just inside my left heel in that position there and from there the feet to width of the shoulders and posture, very, very important, so if I show you the posture, here is a posture which I think is very common in most of our senior golfers. Just what we are talking to here is senior golfers 50 plus and most of us tend to be a bit like this, a bit comfortable setting our heels and by doing that what tends to happen is that we tend to swing the club and without realizing it we tend to come off the ball. You can see now I’ve lost my balance, now, you wouldn’t see that on the golf shot because no sooner were you at the top, you would be back on the down. So by sitting back, the posture, that’s the back posture from that position. I’m not going to show you the posture because it’s very rare for the golfers that I’m actually talking to.

So posture is very, very important, so when we put the club behind the ball, I want you to push your bottom out and flex your knees and I want the weight, I want you to feel the weight forward. I want you to feel the weight down the front of your legs and towards the ball with your feet. Not on the toes like the grappling iron but towards the ball with your feet. So we are very much over this ball. So when I swing the club back, I’m over the ball, and when I’m hitting the ball impact, I’m very much over the ball. So everything is geared to finding the middle of that club face. So remember alignment, ball position. And posture, the way that you actually set yourself for. Those are the key ingredients to actually find the middle of that club face. But remember what I said right at the beginning, have a go at this in practice but the only person that’s going to be help you is the PGA qualified professional who could be able to stand there and make sure you’re doing what you think you’re doing.