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Okay, well let's talk about hitting balls into different elevations, some high, some low. So let's start with the one there, you are typically on a teeing ground, maybe on par 3 and you are hitting down to a nice green. But this may be, say a 100 meters below you, so you are very, very high. When you are on that, because it’s such a high elevation, that ball in the air is going to hang a lot longer in the air at the time and it's going to land quite soft.

So when you are up there on that teeing ground, try and take a club left and that ball is going to go high, travel further, it’s got a lot more hang time over there, traveling up the distance and dropping down. And obviously reverse it, if you are going to hit up to an elevation higher than you, then take a club more, because you are going to have to carry that ball up there, even further to get to the target.

So a big fault of a lot of golfers is taking too little club going out, take a club more, take a club more to get that ball up to the target. So really elevation, going down, take one club less, going up, one club more.