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Video Transcript

So how can you keep your eyes level and how will it affect your golf shots? It must be strange for the question, is when I would expect one of my pupils to ask, but anyway it’s been asked, so let’s see if we can get around this one. Eyes level, well, can you imagine you are over the golf ball and you got your head into a position and what we want to do is to try and keep our eyes in one position, at one level. Now if you actually just set up with a mirror in front of you or a window and I say to you right swing the club back and you swing the club back and you did this, you can see that your eyes have actually moved up, because it’s now obvious, I'm making sure it’s obvious, but if you are over the golf ball and you swing that club back, how would you know if your eyes are actually in a level position, because at the end of the day you are still looking at the ball, you’re still have got an eye on the ball and if you didn’t you wouldn’t be able to see the ball.

So how would you actually know? So first of all what – if the eyes weren’t level what would happen? Well, as I demonstrated right at the beginning, if your eyes weren’t level then you could end up with most probably a lifting action and what goes up, has to come down and when you comes down you can just imagine the sort of number of inconsistent golf shots. It’s not a case of you will do this, it’s a case of saying well, there is quite a few things you might do here, so rather than go through, let’s just say it’s a lot of the inconsistent golf shots you can hit by not keeping your eyes level.

A very, very good tip to kind of focus on this; keeping the eyes level other than as I said here just keeping your eyes there and keeping your eyes at one level in a mirror or maybe even wearing a cap where the rim is here, so you can keep your eyes focused on that position at the bottom of the rim of the baseball cap. If you put one you’ll see what I mean by the rim being there. But – and also a good say would be to say on the ball, if I say to you swing the club back and that’s at the top of the back and you close your left eye, if you say to me I can’t see the ball because my nose is in the way, your head is – it actually means that your eyes have actually moved.

Okay, so at the top of the back swing, you have that club back to here and close my left eye, I can see that very ball very, very clearly indeed. If I take that club back and my head was to move to the right, as I take a shot to my shoulder and close my left eye, I can’t see the ball. So you can see the permutations of maybe my head coming up, maybe my head just turning a bit to the right hand side. So to keep these eyes level it’s very, very important, but I can say it’s not a question I have tackled before with any of my pupils, which means that somebody out there has actually asked about.

So set yourself up to the ball, look into reflection of the mirror, a window or I get someone to video you on the phones, iPads or any of those things; and just see if your actual eyes or your head are staying at the same level. Now at the top of the back swing close your left eye, if you can see ball you haven’t got a problem, if you are seeing a nose then your eyes have shifted, as simple as that very simple drill, go and put it into practice, I think you will have a little bit form of this one.