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Okay, so why should we keep a straight left arm in the backswing, what's the importance attached to it? Well, you can imagine, first of all, we start up with the left arm nice and straight over the ball. So if we were to change this position during the course of the swing, it means that we are going to end up with a fault, which means in turn we are going to have to now correct that fault with another fault to try and get back to the original position. So the left arm is so, so vital, because what happens with the left-arm is we push away with the shoulder and we have got this lovely width being pushed away.

It's been creating a wide arc and a wide arc is where we, out here with the left arm straight, the wrists are picking the club up, my left arm is still nice and straight, just like it was back down here at the start. And that's going to create lots of clubhead speed; the wider the arc, the more that the club at the end of that will actually travel faster. So we get more distance with less effort. So the left arm is absolutely paramount to the goal swing, it’s so crucial. If we get over the ball and the arms are bent and again as we just mentioned, you are going to have to straighten them, what are the chances that those arms are going to straighten back to the original position, just before you make the impact, it is not going to happen.

So from here let's focus on the positive, over here, the left arm, the importance of it is control its width. And as we go back, keep that left arm and get to the top of the backswing and as the knees start to move and the hips start to move down, look at my left arm, it’s still straight. So we are focusing on that, getting back to where we started and then from there, we go through and the right arm then takes over. So the left arm is crucial to a golf swing, crucial, there are too many golfers out there and I'm sure now that I'm going to make you aware of this left arm. There are too many golfers out there who have this arm bending all the time.

And as soon as you bend that arm, you're going to have to straighten it. And if I did this, quite rightly, as you sit at home now you would be thinking, you are chopping. Yes, you are right so as soon as that left arm does bend here, we are going to have to straighten it. So if I am chopping, I can only come in either behind the ball or on top of the ball. Either way it's not what we want to see. So the left arm is straight, very, very important and to create that, remember that the shoulder always starts the backswing, keep that width there and try and keep that left arm coming straight through that ball.

And I will get the clubhead back to where you started and you are going to get longer golf shots, but more importantly, straighter golf shots.