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Okay. So have you heard of the expression a ‘go-to shot’. What is a go-to shot? It’s basically one of those sorts of shots that you hopefully can rely on under pressure. Imagine getting yourself into the scenario where you just need to get up and down in three shots in the last hole to win the club championship, so you’re under pressure. And you need to be able to call upon a certain swing or a certain shot that is the safe [Indiscernible] [0:00:30] of your game and that is what we call a ‘go-to shot’. So let’s explain where that would actually incur, you are actually setting it up to the golf ball. If you’ve set yourself up with the ball position, if you look at the star here, this cross and we put the ball position a little bit further back in the stands than what you would normally do. Narrow your stand slightly, push your hands slightly further back, so you can see I’ve got my hands well ahead of the golf ball here. Go down the grip slightly, get a little bit more control and then from this position here we want you to rely on going back pushing the way of the left arm and shoulder. And just getting your self into a nice low shallow slow swing, just about three quarter the back swing going back, but from here we want the club to be coming back down with the hands leading forward ahead of the club. Unless we go through on that club going through and we’ve got to finish about the same length here, so it’s a three quarters swing basically.

You go by nice and slow and smooth, and when you come to the impact area, keep those hands forward and keep the club nice and low and this is going to help to drive that ball. So basically it’s a punch shot, it’s the safe shot, very handy when you got trees over hanging you need to keep that ball low. So find what is your go, best ‘go-to shot’ and then from there put this into practice and just basically when you make a change, remember it never happens overnight, but it just needs a little bit of practice. So let’s put this ball down let’s set up, let’s put that ball back in the set up here, hands forward, from here let’s just get a three quarter swing, so from here back. Nice low control follow through, so low trajectories, low like a punch shot, is the one that keeps the ball low when it’s very, very windy or trees are over hanging. Go next time you’re on the practice ground and do know hit the first few balls don’t go, well don’t throw in the towel, just keep practicing at it. But this is a shot that you should be able to rely on under pressure once you’ve actually put a little bit of practice and time into it. And once you’ve done that, you should have the confidence to take this to the golf course, and remember when you need that safe shot, you’ve got it in your bag.