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Okay we're going to talk about the deceleration, the possibility of deceleration on a long chip. So if you can just imagine a long chip shot, we try to basically just bump the ball there, let it land and let it release. But what happens if you decelerate, what causes the deceleration? Well there's many, many things that can cause it, but the most common ones really is mainly lack of confidence. So if you're over the ball and set yourself up and you are basically in no man's land with your mind, not sure, this way or that way, but you are not committing yourself to the shot, so have got some doubt.

So you got doubt, it's like having a black cloud over you. And from that, what will tend to happen is you won’t commit and if you don't commit, you will tend to decelerate. It is a very, very common thing in the game of golf, so it's very, very important that you got to commit yourself to the shot. So let's think about not the deceleration because we said basically, it's down to majority of the time, that noncommittal, okay. So how do we chip and run or what should we do? Well select your club, 7-iron, 8-iron, 6-iron, any of those things for chip and run. Set yourself up with the ball position in the middle put your left foot back slightly, with your weight 60-40 in the left-hand side.

And now we are in the position, we have our hands forward towards my left leg to actually swing and hit the shot. Now remember, the problem was deceleration, we have got ourselves over the ball now, so we have got to focus on this rhythm, this tempo. Now the best thing to do from here is to think of a speed, so if I was to go back here and go 1, 2, just 1, 2, the back swing and the follow through in theory should be almost the same speed. So let's go on to the ball, let's do that. So if I go 1, 2, and 2 came as I hit the ball. So you think, there’s no chance there really of deceleration, no there isn’t. Because we have selected the club, we have selected the setup, we have selected the length of the swing for the shot and all we have done is right, the clubhead speed.

Remember, it's the clubhead speed that caused the problem in the first place by basically decelerating and because of that, so now we have committed and because we are committed to the swing now, we are going tick tock we are going to go1, 2. And it's as simple as that and if you think, well that's too fast for me. Well, you could always go, 1-2, 1-2. So you find the speed that suits you, best of all, but one thing is for sure, this setup, this technique will cure deceleration.