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Video Transcript

Okay. So the question is can hybrids be played out of divots? Well, it all depends on the size of the divot, the depth of the divots, the slope of the divot. So let’s forget the extreme because that will be absolutely ridiculous, trying to show something that is a divot so deep and on a down slope. But on a divot, yes your hybrids could be used, but depending on how the ball is sat down, how far it’s sat down, depends on what hybrid you might use. So we may have a number two hybrid all the way to a no. 6 or 7 hybrid. So here I’ve got a number 6 which is 30 degrees, which is about a 6 or a 7 iron of the club.

So imagine this ball is sat down slightly in a divot, so what we’re saying is for normal divots, hybrids can do a fantastic job because of their design. Remember it’s a deep cavity, the weight its around the perimeter and the weight is also based low in the soil. So all of these factors are saying this is playable, this line is playable whereas, maybe with the iron, to get that shot played you’d have to do it to perfection and even then it might not be good enough because of the line. So the hybrid is a club to select, yes. How do we play it? Well, the first thing is to put that ball – because that ball is sat down we need to come in at a slightly steeper angle.

So we’re going to put the ball slightly further back than what we would normally have done. So I want to put this ball quite central; because the ball is sat down, when we put the left hand on it you want to make sure that you grip tight to it the top two fingers. Because that’s where we’re hitting down to a divot, there could be tentative for the club to turn over and close, which would decrease the loft and smother the shot low. So put your left hand down with those two fingers gripping slightly firmer, put your right hand on, and from here I want you to put your weight ratio so its 60:40 on the left hand side this is from the side. So go and leaning slightly, this is going to help increase this lovely angle of attack, and then from here, I want you to focus on hitting down and through.

So from here, you can see my weight hopefully 60:40, swing the club back – that’s from here, swing it back and hit down. And when I hit down and through, that ball is gone nice and high, the hybrid is doing the job. And what you should do from that position is you’re more likely to catch the ball turf, that’s what we want to do. If you catch the turf first, we’re dead. So hybrids can be used out of divots, they’re very successfully; but remember don’t gamble with a hybrid, if you’re sat in a divot hole and you got a 24 degree against the 30 degree, go for the 30 degree. It’s more consistent; it’s more accurate and most importantly is a percentage golf shot. So hopefully next time you go out there, try your hybrids. Don’t gamble too much on low loft, stick to the higher loft, but you shoot from this position from the knowledge you’ve now got, be able to play that shot so much better than what you would have done with any other club.