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So the question is, is can of a wider stance add more power to your golf shots, well I suppose in simple terms, the answer is yes. But is it something that we recommend for everybody? Probably the answer is no, not everybody. But let’s go talk about the issue of wider stance. How does it create more power? Well the most obvious fact to start with, if I set up to the ball with a very narrow stance like this and swing the club, then the club will be basically, you see my arms are quite bent, quite relaxed and then through here as I move away from this ball, my arms are here and you can see that the legs are kind of moving a little bit and there is no real sort of drive it’s a bit of a sort of easy Sunday afternoon swing.

If I widen my stance, get myself in this position here, all over sudden my weight is based over a wider area. So I got more stability straight away, that’s first of all. By having a wider stance without going excessively wide, and I suppose the limit would just be outside your shoulders, from here as you create the swing now is a bit more wider. So there’s more width into this swing. So it gives you more stability and of course when you hit the golf ball, a better footing as you hit the golf shot, so a wider stance can add more power. So if I go wider on my stance from here and I set the club back, my weight can transfer to the side naturally and I’ve still got balance.

If I put my feet back closer, too narrow, I take the club back you can see if anything, my weight has to go to the left hand side completely opposite. So by widening the stance will give you a better base, more stability, a little bit more drive because you will create a slightly wider arc and let’s put it into practice in the golf shot itself. So here we are with the ball, slightly wider stance more power so let’s see if it works. From here look at the width as I take the club back, wide arc, wow, driven that ball. Lots of wide -- lots of width as I took that club back, draw in to that golf ball, as I hit that golf ball the balance was there because my weight is now based on a wider area. So yes the answer is a slightly wider stance can create more power, there’s your answer.