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Video Transcript

How can I hit it close from 50 yards every time, now the key to good distance control with a wedge shot is to use the same swing time after time after time. Not only the same technique but the same setup and also the same swing length. Find your favorite club from around this distance so say 56 degrees sandwich and then apply the same setup and the same swing every time. Now every one swing distance, every one swing length will be different for a 50 yard shot so you will have to find your own. But in general terms a 50 yard shot will be produced when the left arm becomes parallel to the ground and the club shaft begins to point open in the sky in this direction; an L shape with the club shaft and the left arm.

Now to get into perfect setup to hit these pitch shots, all you want to be doing is just opening the stance slightly to the target, this presets the hips in an impact position, you want to be putting a little bit of weight on your front for about 60% and you want begin the hands slightly ahead of the ball. And when you are in the set position, it’s about practicing, getting that L shape there, striking down and through and repeating the L shape position on the following side. So we’ve got the set up with feet and the hips open, the waist slightly forward, the hands ahead and we’re going to be producing this L shape swing with a sandwich and just get in that 50 yard shot pretty much every time.

The one thing you don’t want to be doing with this short is not practice it and then when you get out into the course just rely on feel alone. It’s very rare for a person to be able to get over a 50 yard shot and just feel it instinctively how hard to hit it. It will take some practice and it will be a lot better if can grove this L shape swing to L shape swing using your favorite club from 50 yards, it will greatly improve your consistency from the shot and hopefully lower your scores.