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Here is another fantastic golf that I would like to profile for you, see if you can work out who has 47 wins on tour, Hall Of Fame golfer, European golfer of the year seven times in a row, but never actually won a major. Kind of gives it away really when we say never won to major, Colin Montgomerie. Although since he kind of finished on the main tour, the main European tour he has actually won three majors, but on the senior’s tour, so that way they count his actual major wins, but I'm sure he is counting them and he is to pick up in his major victories.

When we look at Monte swing I mean clearly with the record a lot he has been one of the most consistent golfers for years and years and years. So he is expecting to have sort of a really traditional looking, iconic looking golf swing; but not really so with Monte. He has actually got a little bit of a quirky movement in his swing. He hits the ball very high with a big left to right fade ball flight and that comes from one of the key movements where he gets any swing into kind of a fairly nontraditional position.

So for Monte, big fellow setup, nice and taller setup, but then at the top of the swing we’re getting quite long with the back swing coming well pass the traditional sort of 3 o'clock horizontal position, get us long and that actually causes quite a bit body tilt to the left. So, the spine angle starts up slightly behind the ball. What expects the spine angle at the top of the swing to stay slightly behind the ball, but not so for Monte, he is very much reversed in this way. He really gets the club quite long, quite tilted in the opposite direction from what was like at the top and then has to reverse stance on the way down and generally what we see for a golfer looking from the down the line, certainly true for Monte is when we get the body in this position as we come down it throws the club outside the line and he cuts back across the ball.

So, when you look at a golfer like Monte, his records are fantastic, his swing is not necessarily what we would teach. So, should club golfers, amateur golfers be incorporating the Colin Montgomerie move into that swing? The answer really isn’t quite so simple, so let’s have a look in these next four videos about whether this is something you should be incorporating into your game.