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So the question is how should I weigh up the risk of a dog leg hole? Just imagine the risk and the reward in that. So imagine you are playing a whole you have, you hit a T shot down in the middle the fairway, the fair way then cuts to the right hand side, we have got a lake on the right hand side that cuts into the fairway. So you have got two options here haven't you. The first option is we can play the more safe going down the fairway but then playing the third shot in, but there’s an option here that risk in reward of maybe that reward saying well actually if I actually go across that corner I could actually get in the green in two.

But what are the risks we know what the reward is getting on the green in two but have you got enough club, enough power in that golf bag to reach that, but once you check your yard this answer is simply yes or no. So there is a risk in reward element there to -- do I take that gamble on? But the risk is not just the fact that the water is there, if I put that ball into the water not only have I lost the golf ball but it has also cost me a penalty shot, so then I would be two in the water, drop one for three playing four up. So there is the risk in reward on that element, but what if I just had gone down on the fairway and then plot it down on to three. So it’s a bit of a gamble isn’t it, you know we are all sort of greedy we want to gamble to look at the risk in reward, look at another dog leg scenario where we are now going to the left hand side with a big clump of trees in the left hand side and on the right hand side we might have a lake.

The risk you’ve got to basically weigh up what do I do? I play conservative; this is where cost management comes in, do I just kind of think no, I accept so I’m just going to put the ball to the position and then turn the corner, so I am playing with the hole, or do I take that risk on it. If you are going to take that risk on let's just show you two elements first of all one where the dog leg goes to the right and one that goes to the left. If you wanted to shape the ball with that dog leg from left to right they show you how you would actually do it, okay. What you do first of all is set that club face on the line where you want the ball to start, you will then set yourself up with a slightly open stance remember this is the shot now that dog leg risk and rewards from the left to the right, we are going to take that gamble on now and show you how to do it.

Start it with the feet to the left had side that’s called an open setup and what I want you to do from here is keeping the club face on line is to swing the club on the line of your feet, so by swinging the club on the line on your feet. So by swinging the club on the line of my feet I mean going out and then to in and that would hit the ball across and it will spin the ball from left to right very, very simple. So you have got the knowledge and off course if the dog leg was from right to left and you wanted to take that gamble or remember it, that’s the risk and reward that we’re showing you how to play those shots, we will then put the club face on line, where the ball wants to start put the feet slightly closed and again concentrate on swing that club on the line at your feet, which is then on the inside and then hitting through that ball and then as we come through the hands rotate and the ball will spin from right to left.

So risk in rewards yes there are – there are rewards there but is it worth the risk only you can give me the answer.