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How can keeping my shoulders closed increase my golf shot distance? Now when you get setup to the ball there are many different variations you can use, let's say you wanted to move the ball from left to right in the air you could open the body, open the shoulders to the target and cause it to move right to left in the air. However if you want to get a maximum amount of distance, what you can do is hit a very big draw. Now to hit a very big draw you need the shoulders to be slightly close to the target line slightly close to the target as you actually hit -- and this will – and as you actually setup and you actually hit.

Now this will cause a whole host of different factors to become involved, if my target was straight down here and I close my body and I close my shoulders this is going to cause my swing paths to move on a very much an in-to-out direction in relation to my target. Now if I was to swing normally and hit from here normally this ball is going to go a long way to the right hand side, so what I need to do to compensate is make sure that the club face is rotating and closing more than it normally would be. Now this is going to do a couple of things it’s going to get a draw shape on the shot which will hit it further than most of the shapes but it's also going to slightly de-loft the club which will also tend to get a little bit more roll of the ball when it actually lands.

Now lastly as you come in from a more inside path, with a slightly rotating club face because you are swinging out from your body and not cutting across your body you are going to be able to generate more club head speed. Now those factors combined are going to create a very, very long distance golf shot. It might not always be the most accurate golf shot but it certainly going to give you a lot more distance. So if you want to experiment close the feet close the shoulders, the swing path is going to be much more on an inside path and then what's going to have to happen is the club face is going to close you are going to have to swing out and release and its going to generate a lot, lot more power.

And if you can connect with one you are going to be getting some very, very big golf shots, so give that a go give it a try it might not be the most accurate way but I'll leave it to you to find out.