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I guess the question a lot of amateur golfers are going to ask about Monty`s golf swing is, “Well isn’t that a reverse pivot?” I’ve always heard people talk about that as a reverse pivot. Surely when you get your body weight going this way at the top of the swing, that’s a reverse pivot, I was told not to do that, how come that fellow won 47 tournaments on tour with a reverse pivot. Well, in reality it isn’t really a reverse pivot, it looks like it might be because of the way the chest leans at the top of the swing, but actually there’s another little telltale that kind of gives it away that isn’t a reverse pivot. If I set up to this golf ball from here it’s kind of difficult to see whether it is or isn’t a reverse pivot because down the line view doesn’t really give it away, but actually looking from face on, as I set up to it here and then I make my Monty swing if you like as best as I can, we get to this position, so we get this body leaning into the left hand side in a slightly long swing.

The reverse pivot implies a golf swing where the body weight has gone the wrong way, the body weight has gone to the left hand side and then the body weight reverses out. Monty doesn’t really have his body weight going the wrong way and we can tell that because the left heel is well up into the air, so when the left heel is up in the air that would normally imply that the body weights has gone on to the right side, the right side becomes the heavier leg. So it doesn’t matter that the body position is tilting this way, the body weight is still back into the right side, so it isn’t a classic reverse pivot. Reverse pivot would only be body weight going one way – the wrong way, and then body weight having to reverse back out the opposite direction. But with Monty’s swing, the left heel gets light, body weight to the right leg, and then moving back across and through. Certainly Monty gains most of his distance with a really good clearance of his hips and a really good drive into his left side as he comes back. So Monty’s tilted upper body is definitely not a reverse pivot.