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What does releasing the golf club mean? Now a correct release of the golf club is the action of when the club face comes through the ball, following the path and it impacts squaring up to the target line, with the club face and then continuing to turn and rotate as it comes through in relation to the path. Now in the past the release has been seen very much as as you come through the ball the fore arms crossing over which closes the club face, which shuts it down, which kind of keeps it square to the target and in this position the four arms crossing and rotating over each other.

Now a more consistent way to actually release the golf club is to think of driving the shot more with the chest and more with the arms. At address, keeping the club face square to the target line taking it away in a nice full swing, but actually through impact, trying to ensure that the chest and the arms return to the same position they were addressed, and then continuing to rotate through with the body. And if you can do that, you can see how the clubface is continuing to turn and continuing to release in relation to my path.

What all the people tend to do when they get into the old release position, is to get quite handsy through the ball and quite flicky with the shot. What you want to be seeing is the arms and the hands to be staying together, turning and rotating through and if you can get in that position the club would have released correctly to your path.

So stand over the ball, nice wide swing and then just try and turn through the ball, keeping the body connected, keeping the club face in connection with the arms and the hands and not trying to flick it over. And if you can do that, if the path into the ball is good, we should see a nice consistent golf shot. But give that a go, use it in isolation, practice it first of all, with a pitching wedge or a nine-iron just hitting little shots, and you’ll soon see that the club will rotate, the club face will turn and rotate in relation to the path, and you should hit some straight golf shots.