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Video Transcript

Where should my head be at impact in relation to the golf ball with different golf clubs? Now the head position in the golf swing is very, very important because it often denotes where your swinging center will be. Now the swing center is somewhere kind of in the middle of the chest around the sternum but it’s very hard to get the sternum moving in a different direction than the head. So your head position doesn’t often relate to the center of your swing. Now that’s important because it kind of denotes and it helps to kind of, kind of make sure that the angle of attack in the swing arc into the ball is correct.

Now the easiest way to summarize where the head position should be in relation to the ball with each club, is exactly the same place as you’ve set it at address. Now I’ve got here first of all a sand wedge and I’m going to hit a little bit of a chip shot and a little bit of pit shot here, the ball just in the middle of my stance, the weight slightly and my head, pretty much banged over the ball. If you can keep the head in this position through out the swing, the swing arc will be at the bottom I’ll just tap the ball a lot easier and it’s going to be able to hit a lot easier consistent golf shots. So keeping the head nice and steady in relation to the ball as it is at address.

Now as I move on to an iron, I just got a seven iron here, the ball just moves slightly forward of center, my stance is a little bit wider and you can see here my head is just gone slightly behind the ball by only an inch or two, but when I’m swinging again, I want to try and keep my head in exactly the same position. And then, that’s going to help achieve the correct impact factors that I want. Now as I move on to the drivers and the woods, this ball is going to go towards the front of my stance, my swing center is going to move behind, and you can see that now my head is quite a long way back from the ball but yes again, I just want to be keeping the same position.

So, I don’t want to be moving it forwards, I don’t want to be drifting it back, I just want to be keeping it in the same position throughout the swing. And if I can keep it in the same position until after impact, so after you hit the ball, you can rise up and you can go pretty much wherever you want but make sure that your head and your body is set up in the correct position as addressed then just try and maintain that head position throughout the swing and that’s the best way to hit the most consistent shots.