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And how can you achieve power in your golf swing, one of the best tips I can give you is during your back swing make sure you maintain the flex in your right knee. So if we take you into set up position as follows, you’ll notice that your knee is slightly flexed. Keep that flex in your right knee as you swing the club back and you should feel that your weight has gone onto your right foot, and it’s on the inside of your right foot. Rather than swinging back and allowing the right knee to extend backwards, the issue with this position is that it allows your hips to turn too much, and then your shoulder turn over this but you don’t actually create what’s called coil, that’s the twisty feeling that you get around the core.

So looking from this angle, if we swing the club back keep the right knee flexed, allow the weight to onto the right side, but keep the weight on the inside of the right foot, turn the shoulders over this position with the right leg now on the down swing you can create some power, you can push a bit like a sprinter pushing up a verb block as they start to run. From the inside of that right foot, so push and you’ll be able to create power. So as we hit the ball as I swing back I want to feel that going onto my right foot, feel in the weight on the inside of my right foot still got the flex in the right knee and then push the knees in to the shot. And that will create a really powerful high and very accurate shot