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Video Transcript

When looking to increase power within the golf swing, there is no getting a way that people with very strong arms do have a tendency to propel the ball along the way. Now one of the key ingredients of having strong arms is to having strong biceps. Now you don’t have need to have biceps which are literary bulging out of your arm and ripping your shirt but to have a strong biceps when you are actually hitting the ball will allow you to power the ball a long way, increase the club head speed but also help get the ball out of bad lies. Now one way to engage the biceps and to actually work them is just by simply using curls. Now using resistance bands and handles will allow you to do this very, very easily, all you need to be doing is getting the resistance band, popping it down under one foot, so is very, very secure and it’s not going to come loose. Holding the handles like this so is palm upwards kind of facing towards the camera facing forwards here, keeping the back nice and straight, no slouching over, keep the back nice and straight and then simply working the handles up into a curl position and down and actually as you come up hold this position a little bit, you don’t want your arms snapping back down and then lower them very, very gently and then up. Now you can use this exercise in conjunction with your other golf exercises just to give you a nice balance of power across the body but if you can work the biceps, if you can get them nice and strong, you are going to be able to hit the ball a long, long way.