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What is a proper golf swing sequence? Now the very best players in the world all tend to follow, a very similar kinetic sequence to their golf swing. Now it involves a lot of different moving parts, but they can be grouped into areas, and you can get those areas moving, in a correct sequence, in a correct order, which will produce the best and the most consistent golf swings. Now it really starts off with the hands, because the hands are your only point of contact with the golf club, well hopefully they're going to be your only points of contact with the golf club. So those are the first things which need to move on the back swing. So get into a nice solid position with a good strong posture, nice neutral grip if possible, and the first thing that we want to move is the hands. So they are the first things to start the sequence off. After the hands have began to move, then the arms will follow, and after the arms the shoulders, and after the shoulders move the chest will turn, and then the torso, and the very last thing to move at the top of the swing, will be a slight rotation of the hips.

If you can keep the hips very still at the top of the back swing then, you will be able to generate a little bit more power but that’s only really available to the most flexible among us. So those hips will be the last thing just to turn at the top, and there’ll be a little bit of weight onto the right knee. Now that’s the back swing sequence, and the down swing sequence is simply a reversal. The weight will move on to the left foot, the hips will begin the turn back towards the ball and the target. The torso will follow, then the chest, then the shoulders, then the arms and finally those hands will come through to make a good connection. And any can follow the same sequence coming through the hands extending, the arms extending, the shoulders turning, the chest, the torso and the hips continue all the way up to the full finish position. If you can get this sequence in the right order, it's something which has been proven time and time again by the very best players in the world. If you can get it in the right order, you’ll be able to produce the most consistent shots. But give it a go, use practice swings; use slow motion swings to get used to it, but if you can get this sequence you're going to be hitting some fantastic golf shots before too long.