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Right, we're going to talk about hitting a lob wedge from a tight lie. It's a very, very, very soft golf shot there, so I'm not going to try and teach you, this you are going to have to practice a lot. Don't expect to go out there and get it like a magician and straight up in the air. So I've got my 60 degree lob wedge, a lob wedge is of 58 and above and we are going to imagine that ball, a very, very bare lie. So there is no grass, it is not sat up. So this is why, it's a very high-risk shot, where the club can actually come on as you bounce. So what we need to do is we're going to put the clubface behind the ball and we're going to open the clubface slightly.

So we are going to open the clubface slightly, we are going to stand open and with the ball position, a little bit further back in the stance than what you'd have done. Because remember, we have got to somehow nip the bottom of that ball and it's a bare lie. So the problem is, it's going to bounce, so put that ball back a little bit and keep your hands forward. And what I want you to do is I want you to play this shot with your arms, so instead of normally going and picking the club up and coming down which would encourage the club to bounce which wouldn't get the club underneath it.

I need you to concentrate now on swinging the club away with your arms. So the club now is coming on a much more shallow plane and this is very, very important. So here is the setup, get the clubface open, get the hands forward, ball position a bit further back and I am going to swing my arms, so you won’t see me breaking my wrists. So from here, it's arms, wow, I couldn't have played that any better. Now it's a tight lie, I have laid the clubface wide open and I have just concentrated on a nice shallow swing and then if I swing with my arms, the club is going to stay lower to the ground and that's a shallow arc.

And I have just; very fortunately, just nip that ball up into the air, just to perfection. But that's the only way to play this shot, it's a high-risk shot, but sometimes you haven't got another option and that's why I'm showing you how to play this shot. Don't try it on the practice ground, remember it is a tough golf shot to play, don't expect it to happen straightaway. But if you get yourself in the starting block from the correct position and you commit yourself to what we have just showed you and don't you know panic and don't try and hit it or don't try and chop, the chances are you will see at least several balls out in the first half dozen to a dozen shots, thinking oh, actually I can do this. And once you know you can do it, you have got confidence to go and take it to the course.