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Video Transcript

Here is a fantastic exercise using your tour sticks to make sure you are having a full turn and a full release with your body through the golf ball. One of the biggest things that cost golfers is the ability to hit the ball far with a decent strike or contact is the fact that they get the golf – their body weight caught back during the golf swing when they lean back too much onto the right side. So one of the things we really want to focus hard on is making sure that you can turn through the ball fully. To start with I’ve laid my tour stick on the ground here just to give me a good target line so I know where I'm aiming.

That’s a good practice drill whenever you are on the driving range. The second stick here, you could just push it straight into the floor, but here I’ve used a basket just to support it so it doesn’t fall over. Actually I’m on the driving range; I can’t push it into the ground. So either you use a basket if you are on the range or push it into the ground here on the golf course. And then as you set up, you want to feel that the tour stick sits just outside your left foot, maybe I could get a little bit closer to this one. And then as I swing through the shot, I want to feel that I drive my body weight across and turn through and finish as close to the stick as possible.

In fact if you’re quite bad at leaning back through the golf ball, it could be a good idea that you actually try and move forwards and knock the tour stick over. So if I’m having this stick just outside my left foot, I want to really turn half into my left side and see if I can get my body weight to almost push that stick over to nudge it. If I was able to achieve that I would feel like I can fully turn through the golf ball and that would stop you getting that distance sapping leaning back motion. Have a practice with a tour stick set up like this to make sure you get fully through the golf ball with your body weight.