Video Series

Video Transcript

As a golfer striving to improve their game, golfers are looking at all different attributes of the world’s best players; they’re looking at good setup positions, good positions during the swing, impact positions, follow through positions. We're always trying to improve different areas. The one thing that we often lack as any golfer that’s improving is actually the fluidity to piece all those different components of golf swing together and that’s certainly one thing that you’ll see when you watch all the world’s best players. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve got a classic golf swing like Adam Scott or slightly more funky golf swing like Jim Furyk. The positions that those guys get into are different but one thing that is similar is the fluidity that they have in their swing.

So as an improving club or handicap golfer, the things we’re trying to achieve, trying to tie all of those components together with the fluidity. And this next little miniseries of videos, we’re going to establish how we can improve that fluidity, that consistency that balance and that rhythm of your golf swing by swinging one handed. Now, you might question, “Well, hang on a minute, I’m struggling a moment to swing with two hands, why would I possibly go and try and play the game with one hand.” If you look at some of the drills and exercises that we’re going to run through, you will really see there is a benefit of practicing one handed to try and make your golf swing a lot more fluid.