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Okay, I want to describe what a chicken wing golf slice is. Its bit of a strange sort of description, but when I show you hopefully, you will understand. What is the impact is that as when you arms come in a little bit like this, whether your arms are splayed outwards and the arms are like this. So as you look from the side, you find there is somebody who has actually sliced the ball, and it tends to come up across the ball. And you can see my arms are bent, the club is coming up across and that sort of action is going to hit that left side of the ball hitting across.

So by doing that, the bowl is going to travel from left to right, so it's a typical slice. So that's what a chicken wing position actually is. Now I have got two head covers down here, one on the outside, about two to three foot away and one on the inside and a couple of feet in the inside. And the whole idea of course is that if we slice the ball, it's because we are going outside the line. So by putting that here, that keeps us on this path of bringing the club slightly on the inside, not the outside. And remember if you come from the inside, the swing tends to kind of go in the opposite, so if a swing comes on the inside, it's more likely to actually hit outside.

And we put that head cover here on this side, and just in case the arms get tempted to bend on the way through, that head cover is there to catch you, just in case. So the whole idea, this cover is there to encourage you to swing away from it and as we hit the ball, we want you to keep the arms going through like this. So they have got a lovely extension of the club and the left arm going through. So remember chicken wings is when we go and the arms come across, so that's what the chicken wings are all about.

The head covers are there, it's a very simple guide to say right, come away from that head cover and now hit outside away from that cover. And if you work on that simple tip, with a bit of practice, a little bit of guidance from your club professional, your PGA professional, you should have this changed pretty quickly. Remember your head covers are there, and all your safety nets, so there is no way of kind of getting this wrong, just focus on inside and swinging outside. And look at the arms, look at the difference of those arms going through now extension rather than where we were at the beginning. So a little bit of practice, a little bit of hard work, and we will get rid of that slice from the chicken wings for ever.