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Video Transcript

Motor Skills is all basically about repetition. Try to repeat something again and again, and take it to the golf course, let’s rely on your motor skills. So if you can imagine, if I set you right okay you’re going to play a certain golf shot say a draw, which set ourselves up and we're thinking about where to position the body. How to swing the club back on the inside? Let's swing the club on the outside with the clubface square to the target line and already you're thinking wow that that's a lot to take in. We're now to 5, 6, 7 seconds of information. But how long is the golf swing? 2 seconds by the time which I had the club back and hit that ball, so we got to try and condense that to that information into a short period of time.

So its all about repetition these motor skills so if you think about, if you set yourself up for say your draw and you set yourself up, that from here you think about it and swinging the club back very slowly thinking about where I draw the club back how I turn my hips, how I bring the club back down and where go through. Yes it's going like going in a slow motion, but we want you to come to imagine your swing speed been at number 10 and we're going to start to the number 2. We're going to go very slow, very deliberate and by doing this we're actually building up on motor skills.

We're building up the feeling of repetition and as you become more and more comfortable with that let's take that speed from say 2 to 3 to 5 to 6 so we start to take it back with a little bit more rhythm, and by the time we get back to your normal golf swing we've now got that reputation how we drove that ball, and now it’s almost like auto pilot, and that's what its all about. So to get those motor skills focus on doing it slow and deliberately and build yourself up at your pace. Remember we're all senior golfers going at your pace. This is going to be something that works on the practice range on the driving range especially with your PGA Pro preferably and work this nice and slowly and with practicing guidance that will improve your motor skills.