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Video Transcript

What I want to talk about here is how you can get extra distance with your drives by using this two tee golf drill. A lot of golfers as you can imagine, over the ball looking to get maximum power, swing the club back, over the shoulder and then hit down. And you can see there that all the power is concentrated on hitting down to the ball; if it is that way you want the power, do you want it to go to the ball and stop at the ball, because that’s what’s happening because you’re coming in so steep, which happens to be most probably the biggest fault of golfers, who swing the club to steep, which is predominantly produced by a swing that normally goes outside and then to inside, it’s a very steep angle so it’s a very common thing this.

So if you happen to fall to this category where you think or potentially I might as well hit my driver further or maybe I am slicer. But I want you to focus on this drill is exercise. This is all about getting extra distance and it’s all about actually concentrating on the core part acceleration continuing through the ball, just like a boxer boxing against a guy he doesn’t hit him and stop he hits through. So here I’ve got a tee peg about 8 inches in front of the ball, and what I want you to focus on first of all, is the set up to the first to the tee here, set yourself up in your normal set up left hand over, V going between the chin and the right shoulder, then your right hand on ball position for the driver, just inside that left hill, so we’re hitting through and up.

And from here we’ve got to concentrate on pushing away with the left arm and the left shoulder. So we’ve got lots and lots of width, taking the club nice and wide, lots of arc, and as we come down let’s concentrate on hitting down into that tee, but not stopping there but continuing going through until we actually hit the second tee. So we’re going to keep that acceleration going so, now you’ve got the idea, set yourself up, nice high tee peg, on about six to eight inches in front. Focus on hitting that first tee peg and go through, so then you should be able to hit that second tee peg.

Once you’ve mastered that, let’s tee up the ball and once you’ve teed up the ball, lets put a tee peg back in the front and concentrate on hitting that ball and making sure we hit that second tee. And this is going to make sure the club head is travelling depth through the ball then through and that extension that power is still going here, is not stopping here. So that’s what I want to do, a very simple drill and by this you should be able to get a little more distance with that driver; give it a go.