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Video Transcript

So can a plumb bobbing help you with your putting? Well not for me personally, but maybe for you this could actually help you to read those greens properly. I think personally is one of the most difficult things I have ever seen, but let me show what’s involved, its all about trying to read the slopes of the green that’s the most people you might get down to the ground and say, oh I can see that slope from left to right. So I know it’s a left to right break. But plumb bobbing is where you basically hold the putter in your hand and you try and line up the shaft and the putter with the hole and when you look and you look at your dominant eye your dominant eye is the left eye then obviously you look down that the left eye and close the right and if the hole appears slightly to the right of that shaft you know it’s a left to right break and vice versa. Again I don’t really think that this is good for me, but it may well be good for you and just in case of going out there and demonstrate, you are trying your best of your ability.

But remember I think its so, so difficult to line this up with the putter with the hole and close your eye and get the right dominant eye and do it, but if its for you, well give it a go at the end of the day is what works at the end of the day. So into your finger and thumb hold it up, my dominant eye is my left eye so close my right eye I’m holding it between the hole and the putter. I can see the hole slightly to the right of the shaft, I know it’s left to right that will do me very nicely. I’m going to aim down the left side and pull the trigger and hopefully I just got it right. So that’s what this is all about, give it a go if it works for you well that’s great news, not for me but it might well be for you.