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Video Transcript

In putting, there are so many different ways to place your hands on the grip and for sure and in days, case what works for you; but sometimes you may be out there struggling. You’ve tried all the different sort of orthodox putter grips. There are so many out there and basically, if you’re out there and you’re putting is so inconsistent and you find yourself – direction’s poor. Distance is poor and you find yourself most probably ending up with flicking in the wrist. People who are bad putters tend to be very wristy; so what we’re going to talk about is a grip called the claw. It’s a very unconventional grip, but it’s one that’s an option for you, and it might work for you. It’s not for me, but in the day, a claw grip is for you or somebody else out there who is struggling with all the other grips that you’ve tried.

Let’s just show you basically how to grip it with the claw method. The left hand would go on exactly the same way as what you would do for any other grip; but when you bring the right hand in – what we want to do is put the thumb at the back until the other four fingers over the top of the grip. You can see where I am. The thumb’s at the back balancing the putter and the four fingers are on the top. When you do this, it doesn’t really feel as if you’ve got any hold or any pressure on the grip. It’s very, very light. The whole idea, we’re trying to get a better balance, a better feel. Feel is for lighter gripping rather than tighter gripping. We’re going to put that thumb at the back. The four fingers go at the top and from here now we’re going to concentrate on just taking the putter back. You can see how we’re trying to keep everything together backwards and forwards. Remember that’s what we want to do. What we don’t want to do is see this.

If you know how to put your hands on for a claw putter grip, what a good idea to kind of gain the feel. If you’re not going to go and see a pro for a lesson, how would you know what the feel of the technique is right? Well a good drill tip would be to put the putter behind the ball and place your left hand on it. Then you can put your hand in your pocket, put it behind your back, set yourself up and from here concentrate on taking the putter back and forward. From here back and forward. You can see there’s no wrist break. This is all about building up the feel. Remember the claw, when you put that claw putter grip on here, the whole idea is to keep everything here in one section to give you that consistency. Backwards and forwards, so good practice!

Practice with your left grip. If you find yourself doing this and you’re kind of wobbling a little bit, then again, just put your hand on. Maybe go down the grip for a little bit more control and practice the technique. Remember, whatever technique you’ve been using you’ve not been using for a week or two. You’ve been using it most probably for months or years. By trying something different, if it doesn’t work in 10 minutes, then you’ve not given it enough time; but here you’ve got the knowledge of how to use a claw grip. It’s unconventional, but it might just work for you if you’re struggling and it gives you a lot more consistency with your hands and everything swinging from your shoulders, rather than the unorthodox sort of wrist to shoulder technique. Give it a go! If it’s not for you, there are plenty more grips out there.