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So, it was a hotly contested debate between analysts on the TV and golf coaches and supposedly knowledgeable people about the game of golf, about who's got the best golf swing. Well, generally speaking the person with the best golf swing could be the guy that won the tournament that week. But there's a few sort of timeless classic golf swings that we keep coming back to that seem to work year after year, day after day to produce some of the world's most consistent and best golf. And I think that's one thing that I would just suggest sets a good swing apart from a great swing is the consistency of the great swings, they repeat tournament after tournament, year after year. And at the moment I think probably one of my favorite golf swings and a lot of people's current favorite is probably Adam Scott's golf swing. The way Adam Scott sets up and hits the golf ball is something that we could all learn a little bit from.

So, let's go ahead and analyze how he does things and why he does thing so well. And the first thing to appreciate is just the classic lines that he creates when he sets up to the ball in his address position. He's a very tall fellow similar to myself, so when he sets up to the golf ball he utilizes that height. He stands quite wide with his legs, he stands quite tall and posture, the rear end sticks out quite a lot but the back is very straight, there's no sort of arching or hunching at this point, stands out really tall, really straight, use his good classic lines and then from the front end we see again the wide stands from the tall frame and posture.

And I think even though Adam Scott has got this very, very classic looking address position, the one thing I really appreciate about the way he does that is he takes his time and he takes his discipline to do it the same every single time whether he shoot in 65 to win a tournament or 75 to miss the cup which hopefully doesn't do a lot often, the way he approaches his setup is very similar and very consistent and I think that's something we can all learn from. I often see golfers that start the first hole or the first start of the round with the best intentions, they do everything really disciplined [might have] been told to by the coach, they take the time and everything looks lovely on the first Tee. And you see the same golfer come off the 18th and he pegs it upon the 18th Tee, stands to wherever he wants and chops it down the fairway possibly because he's having a bad round but he's lost his discipline, he's lost his patience, the confidence and the key positions that you should have had in his address position of going with it.

So, learn a lesson from Adam Scott. Take a good positive posture in address position every time but also maintain that posture and the discipline you have in your setup position for full 18 holes.