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Okay. Do senior Hybrids, do they help build your confidence? Well the sure answer is yes, of course they do. And the reason for it is very, very simple: Hybrids are just so easy to use, why are they easy to use? It’s all down to how they’ve actually created this golf club. They’ve taken a wood as an example, chopped into half, created a deeper cavity and by doing that it has allowed them to move their weight around the perimeter. So if you got more weight around the perimeter you got more forgiveness for those sort of missing shots its less sort of twisting going on. So it makes the hitting area a little bit larger, we’ve also got this weight based low in the head, and this is going to help to get that ball up in the air in a more regular basis.

I’ll give you of course an example is would it bring confidence? We’re on the golf course let’s say we’ve got a shot at say a 170 yards into the green, what will you be playing? You are a senior golfer I’m a senior golfer, will you be playing a five iron? Well if you are playing a five iron you’re a very good golfer, most senior golfers might be looking for that three and four iron. If I put 10 balls down and say hit those three to four irons to that hole 170 yards, how many times would you expect that ball to hit that green? I’m guessing if you’re honest you are going to say, not many. If I put the balls down again you say right let’s pick out a Hybrid golf club, that would go the same distance, arguably say about 20 degree loft, and put that club down, or a 24 degree. And you set it just the same way, and you hit those 10 balls, I can assure you that the percentages of those golf shots built on direction, the trajectory and the strike, its going to be far, far higher than what you could ever have dreamed of for that three and four iron. So do they bring confidence, they sure do, they build that confidence if you go to that driving range around the golf course and you’ve set it with one of these clubs, the only difference technique wise is just focus on hitting down and through, just like you would do in a mid aim. So if I set myself up, position the ball in this case for a four iron about three or four inches inside my heel, set myself up and I’m just going focus on hitting down and through. So from here swing the club back, down through.

I’ve got a nice flight on the ball and if you do hit the ball slightly well, well I can assure you that waywardness is going to be so much less than what it would have been with hitting that three, four or five iron. If you don’t believe me go to the driving range put some balls down with that three iron and we get four, and we get five iron maybe put some golf tape on the face and judge where you’re hitting the ball from, not just the results. Then do the same with those hybrid golf clubs. And check out where you’re hitting the ball, I can assure you that the strikes will be more forgiving, more central and that the results would be far, far better, so they do build confidence. So go out there, go and try some hybrids out and I don’t think for one minute that you will be keeping those long irons in your bags any longer.