Club Tested: Thomas Golf AT708 Traditional-Length Hybrid Putter

Club specs: Loft 3°, Lie 74°, Custom built to 33”, Head weight: 322 grams

Price as tested: $99 (list: $198)

Thomas Golf AT708 Hybrid Putter – The Flawless Putter

Intro: Can you look yourself in the mirror and say you're a great putter? If not, you’re not alone in this category. Every golfer knows how frustrating putting can be. Instead of hitting yourself in the head a couple times with your putter after a 4 putt double bogie from 12 feet, you should simply consider getting a new one. Who’s to say you must have a life long relationship with just one putter? A new putter can often be the best move if you’re struggling to find the cup.

The Club: The square-shaped head of the AT708 Hybrid putter comes in two different weights, regular (322 grams ) and can be custom fitted to any length for free by Thomas Golf. The machine milled face ensures ultimate flatness and the resilient urethane face insert provides added feel and distance control. We tested a traditional-length model, custom built to 33” (standard is 35”). Thomas Golf also offers the AT708 in a mid-length style. Grip choices include standard and oversize.

At Address: The golf ball should be placed just forward of the middle of your stance to help hit the ball slightly on the way up. The face of the club is taller compared to a traditional putter, and we found that it gives the visual of an end-over-end putt. You will see the defined gold alignment indicator offers the point-blank support that is vital for the mind's eye to accurately aim the shot and swing-path to the target. Squaring the blade at impact is the most critical component to hitting putts on-line and we found the square designed hollow head of this model to increase our accuracy to the target.

The Stroke: We loved the unique snag-less body and sole design that does not catch the ground on your back swing or forward stroke (even when you try). We also found the stability of this head to be perfect for long putts, when you have to bring the putter farther back in your swing allowing a higher chance of unwanted movement. Just bring the club back and you will feel the weight push forward allowing for a great feel and technique in each stroke.

At Impact: Here's where we found the AT708 to be the real money maker. We really cherish the Hybrid style hollow head because it provides more forgiveness on off-center hits. We noticed shots off the toe and heel still roll nicely off the face, giving you more confidence before the putt. On good contact, we were very pleased at how soft but solid the strike of the ball was; a winning combination.

How it Rolls: A prized attribute in testing the AT708 Hybrid Putter was the reduced skipping due to the greater face height and hollow head. By pulling weight back away from the face, the club automatically optimizes the center of gravity for you, producing an end-over-end, straightforward roll. Our tester treasured the elegant roll of longer putts, finding the ball to “glide to the hole.” We also found getting the speed of long distance putts to be easy with a more enjoyable “lag to brag” approach.

Playability & Forgiveness: This was our favorite part of the test, for good reasons. The AT708 Hybrid putter could be played from anywhere around the green. We tried it from the fringe, fairway, and even out of the rough. The special snag-less design makes it much easier than a traditional putter to come through to the ball and get it rolling; verses trying a chip out of taller grass. Arnold Palmer famously told Jack Nicklaus that “often your worst putt will still be better than your best chip”. We have no hesitation recommending you play the AT708 Hybrid putter just off the green, where you would normally expect some snag from the grass.

Bottom Line: We favored the AT708 Hybrid off the green and admired how well the taller than traditional face helped produce such a smooth straight forward roll on the green. We loved the performance and versatility; a real game improver for every type of golfer. We even suggest using it as a second putter for an off-the-green alternative to difficult chipping. Feel is one reason there is a greater variety of putters on the market than any other piece of equipment, and we have a feeling you will end your search with this beloved putter.

Rolling with Confidence: A Review of the Thomas Golf AT708 Hybrid Putter

The Thomas Golf AT708 Hybrid Putter promises forgiveness, versatility, and a smooth roll. But does it live up to the hype on the putting green? Let's tee off on this review:


  • Forgiving Design: The large, square head with a high MOI (Moment of Inertia) promotes stability and resists twisting on off-center strikes, potentially leading to straighter putts even on imperfect swings.
  • Snagless Sole: The curved leading and back edges of the sole glide effortlessly through rough and fringe, making it ideal for putts from various lies, not just the green.
  • Urethane Face Insert: The insert provides a soft yet responsive feel, offering good feedback and distance control, especially on faster greens.
  • Hollow Head Technology: This design helps optimize the center of gravity for a smooth, end-over-end roll, reducing skipping and promoting consistent ball speed.
  • Customizable Options: Available in traditional and belly lengths, with two weight options, and various shaft and grip choices, allowing golfers to personalize their putting experience.


  • Unique Look: The square head design might not appeal to everyone's aesthetics, especially traditionalists who prefer blade or Anser-style putters.
  • Price Point: Compared to some competitor putters, the AT708 falls on the pricier side, which might be a drawback for budget-conscious golfers.
  • Potential Adjustment Period: The large head and unique design might require some time to get used to, especially for players accustomed to traditional putters.


The Thomas Golf AT708 Hybrid Putter is a compelling option for golfers seeking a forgiving, versatile putter that excels on various lies. Its large head, snagless sole, and urethane insert promote confidence and consistent putting, especially for mid- to high-handicap players. However, the non-traditional head design, limited loft option, and higher price point might not be ideal for everyone.


If you're looking for a forgiving and versatile putter that performs well on off-green lies, the AT708 could be worth a try. However, if you have a strong preference for blade or Anser-style putters, require a specific loft option, or are on a tight budget, it's advisable to explore other options before making a decision. Ultimately, getting fitted for the putter and testing it out on the green is the best way to determine if it's the right fit for your game.