Club Tested: Thomas Golf AT725 Square Hybrid Driver

Square Root Your Game With Thomas Golf AT725 Square Hybrid Drivers

Club specs: Hand – Right; Loft – 10.5°; Lie – 56°; Length – 43.5”; Shaft – Graphite, “S” (stiff) flex

Price as Tested: $139 (regularly $238)

About Thomas Golf products: All equipment made by Thomas golf features the company's patented Shot Accuracy Technology, an alignment indicator on the top of the club which helps assure precise aim. The company offers free custom fitting of all clubs on its website and sells its products exclusively online.

The Club: The AT725is a Squarish shaped driver for the modest golfer. The look and feel of a Hybrid Driver is in a class by itself and is only offered by Thomas golf. The square club look of the AT725 will catch your eye immediately and you will either love it or leave it alone.

Its Good To Be Square: The unique squareness of the club instantly gives you a sweeping swing a Hybrid Club needs. Its flat front and back center delivers a face impact always online to the target. The backbone of the club has a toughness to it that screams out durability and steadiness. The shortened shaft is efficiently designed to give you the closeness you need to precisely hit the ball where you want to. The AT725 shaft comes available in Regular(R), Stiff (S), and Senior (A) flexes – all frequency- and flex- matched.

In the Tee Box: The AT725 is called square but it has rounded corners for a blunter look. The demeanor of the club head provides the golfer a sense of hitting completely through the ball, towards the target. Looking down at the club when addressing the ball instantly shows the golfer the straight lines in the club and gives a nice look close to the golf ball. These square lines provide a mental image of hitting straight through the ball. The squareness and centeredness of the club head will seem that the swing is straightforward and unbroken. Golfers who have a lack of confidence with their aim will cherish the AT725 and will have an allegiance with the Thomas Golf's alignment indicator.

Off the Club: The AT725 Driver is not all about it's bullheaded look. The powerful blow and sound it delivers really feels like a Driver but with a 3-wood style of swing. The 10.5 loft and shorten shaft generates a high trajectory without excess spin. After taking a few swings with the shorten shaft, you will feel confident in giving your swing a little more gas than customary. Our tester stated that the feeling of less shaft between the hands and the club face made for a higher consistently of secure contact.

Workability: The 230cc squared clubhead for the AT725 provides the golfer control in the ability to work the ball at will. Our tester was able to control the ball flight by simply raising and lowering the tee to provide a projection depending on the shot at hand. The real usefulness of the club is the ability to hit the Hybrid Driver from the fairway to shorten the approach shot on long par 5s. The strength and centered club face tolerates fairway play generously more than any 460cc driver will ever do. Now with the Hybrid Driver you will be able to make long fairway shots you never thought possible.

Put It On The Board: Thomas Golf's AT725 Square Hybrid Driver is an individual club that has an undeniable love by an unusual sort of players. The Thomas Golf Brand offers free club fitting, by making the club just for you at the time you order. Its stable, steady, substantial club head provides a firm forceful feel that can only be captured by its devote followers. Thomas Golf has provided a Driver for the bold to feel safe and secure. The AT725 only at $139, could be your next go to club in your bag.