Club Tested: Thomas Golf AT705 Men's 4-Hybrid

Club specs: Right Handed; Loft: 24°; Lie: 60°; Length: 39”; Shaft: Graphite: “S” (stiff) Flex

Price as tested: $129 (regularly $219)

Thomas Golf AT705 Hybrid How to Have Fun Playing Golf Again

*Note regarding Thomas Golf products: All equipment made by Thomas Golf features the company's patented Shot Accuracy Technology, an alignment indicator on the top of the club which helps assure precise aim. The company offers free custom fitting of all clubs on its website and keeps prices reasonable by selling its products exclusively via direct online.

The Club: Hybrids are a combination of an iron and wood, incorporating various features of each into one product to replace hard-to-hit traditional irons. If you are constantly having trouble hitting long irons off the tee or the fairway, then it’s time to switch. You don’t have to struggle with those long irons ever again. Hybrids are made for High to Mid handicap players to enjoy hitting long, high trajectory shots. Thomas Golf offers the loyal golfer forgiveness with a hybrid collection ranging from the Driver all the way down to the Lob Wedge. We chose to test the #4 Hybrid because of the growing popularity of long-iron replacement. The larger head of a hybrid gives more confidence to hit the ball higher, further, and straighter in the air with better trajectory than traditional irons.

Addressing the Ball: The AT705 has a traditional rounded (pear-shaped) club head. The patented designed of the club features a level flat top-plane with shot alignment indicator, allowing you to aim your shot nice and straight despite the usual distractions of a club’s curved shape and lines. Simply point and the ball will continue on that target line. The ball sets up nicely in the tee-box, no more than half the top of the ball above the top of the golf club. The AT705 #4 Hybrid creates a wood-like aura and also shows the degree of the face. The club calls for a ball position that is a bit forward, allowing you to sweep the ball, letting the natural loft of the face to launch the ball into the air. Hybrid clubs gain accuracy and distance by shooting the ball higher in the air off the face than a traditional iron.

The Swing: Our tester, as expected, found the AT705 #4 Hybrid to have a much shorter shaft than its comparable wood. This makes hybrids easier to make contact in the center of the face. It sits with a much bigger head (not desired by all golfers) than a traditional iron, and the curvature of the face automatically corrects the ball flight on off-center hits. The weight distributed low and deep in the sole of the golf club allows the weight to get below the golf ball. The larger hollow head distributes more weight to the perimeter and sole, with the sole being much wider than an iron. The friendly shot aiming indicator on the club helps during the entire swing, like envisioning driving a nail through the ball, and gives you a peaceful trusting feeling of playing on-target golf.

On the Course: The #4 Hybrid AT705 is a great tool to use on those long par 3’s or tough short par 4's where accuracy is a must. The Hybrid really gets the ball up in the air more quickly allowing a softer landing on green. The club tester had no problem getting the ball off the fairway to have a similar ball flight as off the tee. The fuller, bigger club face was able to rip through the rough at will, allowing a good trajectory to the target with minimum to no club head lag.

Hybrids Will Save your Game: The AT705 Hybrid collection by Thomas Golf is the answer to those longer shots that require a low iron. The patented alignment line, larger club face, and greater weight distribution through the sole will result in lower scores. The slightly offset hosel creates more playable surface area from the heel of the club. This essentially eliminates the shanking the ball, as well as helps the club to meet the ball square to the target line. If you are having trouble with your mid to low irons, simply stop playing them and make the switch. The AT705 Hybrid is the answer to hitting higher, longer shots off the tee, fairway, or rough and can replace any traditional iron.