Club Review Thomas Golf Hybrid Golf Clubs

Thomas Golf hybrids are our most versatile golf clubs; Combining the playability of a fairway wood with the accuracy of an iron.

Also known as rescue clubs, hybrids have grown very popular over the past few years with recreational golfers. In fact, hybrid golf clubs have proven to be so beneficial, they're even making their way into the bags of many touring professionals.

Thomas Golf hybrid clubs are made to be a direct replacement to the standard irons; in head weight, loft, lie, shaft and grip. Hybrid clubs rose to popularity as a replacement for hard to hit long irons many golfers dread swinging. Since hybrid clubs are easier to hit, they send the ball higher and longer, with a more forgiving club face for those occasional mishits.

At Thomas Golf, we've pushed the boundaries and now provide a hybrid to replace almost every golf club in your bag. From the 16-degree, #1 hybrid to the 55-degree SW hybrid, Thomas Golf has the entire club spectrum covered. With Thomas Golf hybrids in your bag, your confidence and performance on the course is sure to increase.

We believe that you should have the option to choose the look and feel that you prefer, and not have to settle for a hybrid golf club that doesn't give you the confidence you need. So Thomas Golf gives you this freedom by offering both an AT-705 and AT-725 line of hybrid golf clubs. These two lines offer different types of club head shapes: a traditional pear-shaped head and a square head.

The AT-705 hybrid clubs, with traditional pear-shaped head, maintain the classic look and feel that you're used to, with the added advantage of Thomas Golf's patented shot alignment technology. For right handed golfers, we also offer the AT-725 hybrid clubs with the square-head design that can provide additional help with alignment. Both models were designed to perform the same, so the best way for you to chose a model is to look at the clubs from the address position and ask yourself, “Which look am I more comfortable with? Square or the standard pear-shape?”

Both these hybrid designs feature Thomas Golf's unique flat top-plane, providing extra strength to the upper face area. The flat top plane also provides the correct geometry to ensure the alignment indicator bar is parallel to the ground and perpendicular to the score lines, to provide perfect target alignment.

In addition to the full line of hybrid golf club sets, Thomas Golf also offers custom hybrid chippers for recovery around the green. The lie and shaft length are just as you would see on a standard putter, so the golfer can use the easier putting stroke to get up and down from anywhere around the green. Just like the entire line of Thomas hybrid golf clubs, you can get your hybrid chipper in both either the traditional round-head or the square-head style.

Many golfers experience a gap in their ability to reach the green with accuracy when they are forced to use those hard-to-hit long irons.

If you're looking at filling that gap in your game, whether it's with one club or an entire set of hybrids, then Thomas Golf's custom fitted hybrid golf clubs are the solution.

A Review of Golf Hybrids

Hybrid golf clubs have carved out a sweet spot in the golfer's bag, offering the forgiveness of fairway woods with the precision of irons. But are they worth the hype? Let's tee off on a review of these versatile clubs:


  • Forgiveness: Compared to long irons, hybrids boast larger faces and wider soles, making them easier to hit cleanly, even on off-center strikes. This translates to more balls finding the fairway and fewer strokes shaved off your handicap.
  • Distance: Don't be fooled by their iron-like looks. Hybrids are designed to launch the ball higher and farther than their long iron counterparts, thanks to their lower center of gravity and optimized face technology.
  • Versatility: From tight lies to rough terrain, hybrids shine in various situations. They excel at getting the ball airborne off the deck and navigating tricky hazards, making them dependable workhorses throughout the course.
  • Confidence Boosters: For golfers struggling with long irons, hybrids can inject a dose of confidence into their game. Knowing you have a club that's easier to hit and more likely to find the green can take the pressure off and lead to more enjoyable rounds.


  • Cost: Hybrids typically come at a premium compared to irons. However, the distance and forgiveness they offer can justify the investment for many golfers.
  • Less Workability: While more forgiving, hybrids may not offer the same level of shot-shaping ability as traditional irons, which can limit their appeal for some skilled players.
  • Finding the Right Fit: With numerous models and lofts available, choosing the right hybrid can be overwhelming. Getting fitted by a professional can ensure you get clubs that match your swing and swing speed.


Golf hybrids are a valuable addition to most golfers' bags. They bridge the gap between the difficulty of long irons and the bulkiness of fairway woods, offering a confidence-inspiring blend of forgiveness, distance, and versatility. While they may not be the perfect fit for everyone, their numerous advantages make them worth considering, especially for golfers looking to improve their accuracy and consistency from various lies.

Bonus Tip: Consider getting fitted for hybrids to ensure you choose the right lofts and flexes for your swing. This can make a world of difference in your performance and enjoyment on the course.