Thomas Golf Heaver from Standard Blade Putter

The Thomas Golf AT-12 putter is designed for golfers looking for the extra control and truer roll provided by a heavy-weighted blade head.

The AT-12 is a heel-shafted putter constructed of stainless steel and coated with a beautiful black stealth finish.

With the shaft being placed in the heel of the putter, the AT-12 is ideal if you putt with the arc stroke (inside/square/inside).

The heaviness of this putter allows you to use the larger muscles of your body during the stroke, promoting that ideal pendulum motion.

The high grade CNC-milled red aluminum striking plate insert provides a better feel off the putter face.

The unique dual sight lines positioned strategically behind the face assure your head is positioned directly over the ball during the putt.

The hosel-free design transmits detailed feel and control, from the putter to your hands.

The AT-12 has a machined face and a high grade CNC-milled red aluminum striking plate insert.

Like all THOMAS Putter designs, the AT-12 includes the bi-level dual sight lines golfers have praised about.

  • Strict tolerance zones for all materials, dimensions, and performance
  • Multi-step black stealth finish for durability, and anti-reflection
  • Computer Numeric Controlled cut face, the flattest in golf
  • Unique bi-level indicator ensures your head is positioned directly over the ball
  • Consistency of the metal is never compromised by the extreme heat of welding
  • Loft: 3° Lie: 73° (Conforms to all rules of USGA)
  • Custom built to any length Head weight: 390 grams
  • 12-Month warranty on all materials & workmanship