Thomas Golf Offers Drivers With Advanced Shot Alignment For Straighter and More Consistent Drives

The importance of a good driver should not be underestimated.

Thomas Golf's line of titanium drivers and hybrid drivers offer advanced club design with custom-fitting to ensure that you have a great golf driver tailored to your golf swing.

Your golf club driver gets you off the tee and sets the tone for the rest of the hole. Confidence in your drives will translate into better shots throughout the rest of the golf course. If you want to lower your golf scores with longer and straighter drives off the tee, Thomas Golf will get you there.

Hitting those long, beautiful drives has never been so easy. Our drivers provide maximum distance and supreme accuracy through the patented Advanced Top Plane Technology.

When initially setting up to the golf ball, the majority of golfers use the driver's club face to aim. Because most club faces are not flat, but actually bulge, using the club face to aim can hurt your driving accuracy. This is where Thomas Golf drivers separate themselves from the pack. Through its exclusive shot aiming indicator on the top plane of the club, Thomas Golf has made driving a whole new “ball game”.

Since the shot aiming indicator is on the flat top plane of a Thomas Golf driver, the line is parallel to the ground and perpendicular to the club face. The line helps you more accurately align your club and body to the target, translating into straighter and more consistent drives.

The Advanced Top Plane of Thomas Golf drivers isn't just a place to put our alignment indicator; It's also essential in harnessing more power and distance for your golf shot. Because the top plane of a Thomas Golf driver is flat, it provides support to the clubface when it impacts the golf ball. Other manufacturers have a domed top that will flex when the head makes contact with golf ball. When the club face flexes, energy is absorbed by the club, instead of being transferred to the golf ball. With a Thomas Golf driver in your hands, more of the energy exerted through your golf swing will be transferred to the golf ball, instead of going to waste.

Thomas Golf drivers come in 3 head size models, the AT 460, AT 705/AT 725 hybrid drivers, and the AT 380. For golfers who like the supersized driver, the AT 460 has the largest club head possible that falls within the USGA legal limits. For golfers who prefer a more compact smaller driver head look, the new AT 705 and AT 725 hybrid driver at 230cc is a very good choice.

Thomas Golf's AT 460 drivers are available in both the traditional hosel design and an offset hosel. The AT 460, with the offset hosel, is designed for golfers who slice or fade the golf ball from the tee. The offset hosel insures that your hands stay ahead of the ball through impact. If you typically slice your drives, an offset hosel will help you close the clubface and eliminate that nasty slice.

Complete the Thomas Golf Free Custom Fitting survey, to have a driver individually tailored by one our club makers today.