Thomas Golf AT 705 hybrid 1

    Club tested: Thomas Golf AT705 Men’s 4-Hybrid

    Club specs: Hand – Right; Loft – 24°; Lie – 60°; Length – 39”; Shaft – Graphite, “S” (stiff) flex

    Price as tested: $89 (regularly $158)

    About Thomas Golf products: All equipment made by Thomas Golf features the company’s patented Shot Accuracy Technology, an alignment indicator on the top of the club which helps assure precise aim. The company offers free custom fitting of all clubs on its website and sells its products exclusively online.

    Club notes: The AT705 is Thomas Golf’s more traditional hybrid offering, a conventional alternative to its AT725 Square version. While there are 14 clubs in the AT705 lineup, from Driver through Lob Wedge, we chose to test the 4-hybrid because it’s a popular choice as a long-iron replacement.

    Thomas Golf AT 705 hybrid 3

    At address: The AT705 Hybrid will please the eye of any golfer (including this one) who appreciates a classic clubhead shape. Similar in appearance to a traditional fairway wood, the club has a rounded, pear-shaped head and minimal offset. It sets up nice and square behind the ball, without the “hook-faced” look that low-handicappers sometimes find off-putting in other hybrids.

    The AT705 does have one unconventional feature – the clubhead is flat on top. However, this isn’t especially noticeable and doesn’t detract from the satisfying appearance. The level crown facilitates Thomas Golf’s alignment indicator, an always-welcome sight. It’s hard to quantify the confidence boost you get from knowing the clubface is aimed at your target.

    Swinging it: Our AT705 4-Hybrid was equipped with a lightweight, stiff-flex graphite shaft (it’s also available in steel). No complaints here about the swing feel – it’s supple and smooth, with no excess whippiness detected in the shaft. The rounded sole glides nicely across the turf without digging, and slips easily through light to moderate rough.

    Thomas Golf AT 705 hybrid 4

    At impact: Flush contact produces a pleasant sound and a fine “smushing” sensation of ball against clubface. Moderate misses can be heard and felt – as they should be.

    Ball in flight: One of the oft-cited benefits of hybrids over long irons is that hybrids deliver higher-trajectory shots that land more softly. The AT705 lives up to this promise. Whereas shots hit with a 4-iron tend to fly quite low (for this tester, at least), the hybrid got the ball up more quickly off the fairway. Shots from a tee produced similar results.

    AT 705 Hybrid Golf Clubs Specifications Chart

    AT 705 Hybrid Golf Clubs Specifications Chart

    As for distance, there’s a notable difference between the AT705 4-hybrid and a comparable 4-iron – perhaps 5-10 yards from the fairway, and a little more off the tee.

    Playability & forgiveness: As noted earlier, the AT705 provides crisp contact from a variety of lies. Off-center hits remained relatively on line and didn’t lose too much distance (unless struck very poorly).

    Bottom line: Thomas Golf’s AT705 Hybrid is a solid choice for the golfer who likes a traditional look, feels more confident when he’s sure about his alignment and wants a versatile club to use off the tee, from the fairway or rough.