The Doctors Cure to a Slice Thomas Golf's AT460 TO Driver

Club tested: Thomas golf AT460 TO Driver

Club specs: Hand – Right; Loft – 10.5°; Lie – 56°; Length – 45.25”; Shaft – Graphite, “R” (regular) flex

Price as tested: $189 (regularly $378)

About Thomas Golf products: All equipment made by Thomas Golf features the company's patented Shot Accuracy Technology, an alignment indicator on the top of the club which helps assure precise aim. The company offers free custom fitting of all clubs on its website and sells its products exclusively online.

The Club: The AT460 TO Driver is one of a kind because of its offset hosel. This Driver was specifically made for golfers who have slicing trouble off the tee. The club is set slightly back from the neck of the club to eliminate an open face at impact. This gives slicers a new sense of trust on the tee box. The 460cc titanium clubhead is the maximum volume allowed by the USGA.

At the Tee Box: Some players might think that having an offset club will be distracting at the address of the club to the ball and may not feel comfortable with the noticeable offset neck. This is not the case with the AT460 TO, the classic alignment line that Thomas Golf provides will avoid any problem that come from the look of an offset hosel on a driver. The Driver has an accustomed round look for a 460cc Driver head which is very appealing. The tester, at first, thought that he was lined up to the right of his target. Trusting the alignment line he soon became accustomed to it in little time.

The Swing: When you first grip the AT460 TO you not only notice the offset neck but how light the club is. The shaft and the clubhead are both extremely light and give a presence of a fast swing just by holding it. When you first take your practice swing with the AT460, the whooshing sound is clear and you know that this club means business.

Ball Flight: The AT460 TO delivers a great sound when hit correctly echoing down the fairway. The offset clubhead allows players who slice to gain a couple of microseconds for the club to close on impact and help with the slice. However if you have a drastic slice dew to a poor swing don’t expect the offset clubhead to fix it. The club head is designed to close the face at impact faster for those who have a slightly open face.

The tester has a natural fade to his swing and admitted that he tends to leave the face open to cause an unexpected slice. He always aims to the left side of the fairway to allow his shot to fade back to the fairway. The AT460 TO made his slices into a more manageable fade. Also the tester realized with the alignment line on the Driver that he was in fact aiming too far left and that was causing his face to open more slightly at impact causing a hard slice. After using the offset Driver the tester said that the light weighted shaft and clubhead really helped him have quicker hands and close the clubhead at impact faster to straighten his shot down the fairway.

It is What Exactly It is: Golf is a life sport and to be a life player one has to adjust as they get older or deal with injuries. Sometimes life slows us down when we do not want it to and we have to make our adjustments and be proud. If you have a steady left to right ball flight and enjoy playing it than the AT460 TO is a must have in your bag. You will see that the offset neck will make that slice off the tee to a controlled fade down the fairway.