Thomas Golf AT40 Putter 1

    Club tested: Thomas Golf AT40 Putter

    Club specs as tested: Hand – Right; Loft – 3°; Lie – 72°; Length – 33”; Grip – Standard size

    Price as tested: $189 (regularly $299)

    About Thomas Golf products: All equipment made by Thomas Golf features the company’s patented Shot Accuracy Technology, an alignment indicator on the top of the club which helps assure precise aim. The company offers free custom fitting of all clubs, including putters, on its website and sells its products exclusively online.

    Club notes: The AT40 Putter may be the most meticulously crafted, aesthetically pleasing club in the entire Thomas Golf lineup. Made from soft carbon steel, this beauty features:

    Thomas Golf AT40 Putter 4

  • One-piece construction of the head and hosel, eliminating “hot” and “cold” spots along the face caused when the two parts are welded together.
  • Highly detailed Computer-Numerical-Control (CNC) finishing to maximize balance and face flatness.
  • Diamond milling of the putter face. This process further enhances flatness while giving the AT40 its unique, “jeweled” appearance.
  • Shot-peened Champagne chrome plating, which increases durability, adds to the putter’s distinctive look and imparts more acute feel.
  • A long, thin “mid-slant” hosel designed to better transmit feedback from putter head to hands.
  • We tested a traditional-length model, custom built to 33” (standard is 35”). Thomas Golf offers the AT40 in a
    mid-length (belly) style as well. Grip choices include standard and oversize.

    Thomas Golf AT40 Putter 2

    At address: When putting, it’s not enough to align the clubface with the target line. You’ve also got to set the eyes directly over or just inside the ball. The AT40 has both angles covered with its dual site lines. (In fact, this feature makes it a great training and practice putter.)

    We found the Champagne finish almost soothing on the greens, though your mileage may vary, as they say.

    The stroke: As smooth as, well, a classy Champagne. We loved the AT40’s pitch-perfect weighting and balance. Just get it going and the putter practically swings itself. Long-distance strokes were effortless, while the putter provided comforting, confidence-boosting stability on knee-knockers.

    At impact: Here’s where the AT40 Putter really shines. We were delighted to find that all the technology went to good use; a soft but solid thump ran through the hands and arms on good contact. Highly pleasing.

    How it rolls: Many modern putter models take a little getting used to. With some, the ball jumps hot off the face. With others, you’ve got to give a little extra “oomph” to get putts to the hole. The AT40 required no such adjustment, striking a happy medium between too firm and overly soft. In other words, it’s just right.

    Playability & forgiveness: As noted, the putter proved equally effective from all distances. As with most heel-toe weighted models, miss-hits were minimized. Few fell into the cup, but none wandered far off line, either.

    Bottom line: You can probably tell that we’re high on Thomas Golf’s AT40 Putter. We found it to be first-class in every respect: setup, feel, performance and game improvement. The elegant, eye-catching style doesn’t hurt, either… If you’re into that sort of thing.