Fairway Strong 2 Wood, Driver 12 Degree Loft by Thomas Golf

“The Most Accurate Woods on Earth!”

Thomas Golf # 2 Driving Wood 12 degree A

  • Easier to hit than a Driver
  • Patented Aiming Technology
  • Weight of a Driver, for Distance
  • More Loft to get the Ball Higher
  • Available in Mens, Ladies, and Seniors


The first and only 2 Wood specifically designed to maximize accuracy of the golf shot using a unique and effective alignment system. The level Top-Plan ensures the aim indicator is level to the ground, so it can be accurately aimed parallel to the target line. This level top-plane gives the golfer the advantage of triple accuracy of loft, lie, and direction.

Additionally, the flattened top widens the effective hitting area for greater forgiveness on off-center hits, giving you the most forgiveness and solid performance on all swings or hits that might not be your best.


The team of engineers at Thomas Golf have accomplished two breakthroughs of Wood design, making this Thomas Golf #2 Wood an absolute distance monster!

The outdated shape of other woods have a dome-shaped top, reminiscent of when they were actually made out of wood. A dome-shaped top will flex when the head makes contact with the ball, absorbing energy and power that should stay in the face, this is bad. Like a tennis racket, you want the strings to flex, not the frame. The strong Top-Plane of the Thomas #2 Wood eliminates unnecessary flex and keeps the energy in the clubface so it will be transferred to the ball, consistently sending your shot further.

The team of engineers have also worked hard to achieve a high coefficient of restitution (energy transfer to the ball, known as COR) by manipulating the precise balance between head volume, weight, and face thickness. What they have developed, test subjects call astonishing, saying that the ball “explodes off the face.” The hot, ultra-thin face creates a “spring-like” effect for explosive distance.

With its hot “spring effect” face and strong Top-Plane for reduced energy loss, the Thomas # 2 Wood offers golfers the opportunity to hit the longest and most enjoyable shots they have ever hit.

# 2 Wood Features

  • Aim & Alignment Technology
  • 200cc, 12º Loft, 56º Lie, and standard length of 45″
  • Frequency & Flex Matched Tour graphite shafts in R, S, X, Ladies or Senior.
  • Comfort & Accuracy of the Z-Tread grip, with gold Hand Placement Guide
  • The exclusive aim indicator provides accurate shot alignment
  • Cast of pure 17-4 surgical stainless steel
  • Each Wood is custom built to your specifications, never pre-built
  • Alignment Technology cuts aim error by 50%
  • Free plush head cover with embroidery logo
  • Alignment system provides confidence in every pin-seeking shot
  • Meets all USGA regulations
  • Extensive 12-Month warranty on all materials & workmanship

Shot distance is only valuable if it goes to the target. Surprisingly, more than 85% of golfers have chronic alignment and ball position problems. The classic case is the golfer who aligns to the right or left of the target, then pushes or pulls the ball to the target, thus creating a swing fault.

THOMAS Woods give you an exceptional advantage over other brands
by making it easier to aim and align your shot to the target.

Thomas Golf is the only company with this alignment technology,
and the only Pro-Line equipment manufacturer to sell directly to the public.