Fairway Strong 2 Wood, Driver 12 Degree Loft by Thomas Golf

“The Most Accurate Woods on Earth!”

Thomas Golf # 2 Driving Wood 12 degree A

  • Easier to hit than a Driver
  • Patented Aiming Technology
  • Weight of a Driver, for Distance
  • More Loft (12 Degrees ) to get the Ball Higher
  • Available in Mens, Ladies, and Seniors
  • Right and Left Handed Available



The first and only 2 Wood specifically designed to maximize accuracy of the golf shot using a unique and effective alignment system. The level Top-Plan ensures the aim indicator is level to the ground, so it can be accurately aimed parallel to the target line. This level top-plane gives the golfer the advantage of triple accuracy of loft, lie, and direction.

Additionally, the flattened top widens the effective hitting area for greater forgiveness on off-center hits, giving you the most forgiveness and solid performance on all swings or hits that might not be your best.


The team of engineers at Thomas Golf have accomplished two breakthroughs of Wood design, making this Thomas Golf #2 Wood an absolute distance monster!

The outdated shape of other woods have a dome-shaped top, reminiscent of when they were actually made out of wood. A dome-shaped top will flex when the head makes contact with the ball, absorbing energy and power that should stay in the face, this is bad. Like a tennis racket, you want the strings to flex, not the frame. The strong Top-Plane of the Thomas #2 Wood eliminates unnecessary flex and keeps the energy in the clubface so it will be transferred to the ball, consistently sending your shot further.

The team of engineers have also worked hard to achieve a high coefficient of restitution (energy transfer to the ball, known as COR) by manipulating the precise balance between head volume, weight, and face thickness. What they have developed, test subjects call astonishing, saying that the ball “explodes off the face.” The hot, ultra-thin face creates a “spring-like” effect for explosive distance.

With its hot “spring effect” face and strong Top-Plane for reduced energy loss, the Thomas # 2 Wood offers golfers the opportunity to hit the longest and most enjoyable shots they have ever hit.


# 2 Wood Features

  • Aim & Alignment Technology
  • 200cc, 12º Loft, 56º Lie, and standard length of 45″
  • Frequency & Flex Matched Tour graphite shafts in R, S, X, Ladies or Senior.
  • Comfort & Accuracy grip.
  • The exclusive aim indicator provides accurate shot alignment
  • Cast of pure 17-4 surgical stainless steel
  • Each Wood is custom built to your specifications, never pre-built
  • Alignment Technology cuts aim error by 50%
  • Free plush head cover with embroidery logo
  • Alignment system provides confidence in every pin-seeking shot
  • Meets all USGA regulations
  • Extensive 12-Month warranty on all materials & workmanship

Shot distance is only valuable if it goes to the target. Surprisingly, more than 85% of golfers have chronic alignment and ball position problems. The classic case is the golfer who aligns to the right or left of the target, then pushes or pulls the ball to the target, thus creating a swing fault.

THOMAS Woods give you an exceptional advantage over other brands
by making it easier to aim and align your shot to the target.

Thomas Golf is the only company with this alignment technology,
and the only Pro-Line equipment manufacturer to sell directly to the public.

A “Number 2 Fairway Wood with 12 Degrees Loft” refers to a fairway wood golf club designed to provide performance similar to a traditional 2 wood but with a loft of 12 degrees. Let's break down the key components:

  1. Number 2: The term “Number 2” designates the club's role within the set. It corresponds to a fairway wood that is typically used for long-range shots and is part of the fairway wood series.
  2. Fairway Wood: A fairway wood is a type of golf club that is designed for shots from the fairway but can also be used off the tee. Fairway woods have larger heads than irons and are often used for longer shots.
  3. 12 Degrees Loft: The loft angle is a critical specification that determines the angle of the clubface relative to the vertical plane. In this case, a 12-degree loft indicates the angle at which the clubface is designed, influencing the trajectory and distance of the golf ball.

Key Characteristics:

  • Long-Range Performance: A fairway wood with a 12-degree loft is designed for long-range shots, providing a lower trajectory and increased distance.
  • Versatility: Fairway woods are versatile clubs that can be used from the fairway, rough, or off the tee.
  • Alternative to a 1 Iron: The Number 2 fairway wood is an alternative to a traditional 1 iron, offering forgiveness and ease of use, especially for players who find long irons challenging.

Usage: Golfers typically use a Number 2 Fairway Wood for long shots from the fairway or off the tee when a combination of distance and accuracy is required. The 12-degree loft provides a balance between achieving distance and maintaining some height in the ball's trajectory.

Q&A on the “Number 2 Fairway Wood with 12 Degrees Loft”:

Q1: What does the designation “Number 2” signify for this fairway wood? A1: The “Number 2” indicates that the fairway wood is designed to provide performance similar to a traditional 2 wood. It is typically used for long-range shots and is part of the fairway wood series.

Q2: How does the fairway wood benefit golfers in the context of a Number 2 club? A2: The fairway wood is designed for long-range shots from the fairway or off the tee. It offers a larger head and forgiveness compared to long irons, making it easier for golfers to achieve distance and accuracy.

Q3: What does the 12-degree loft signify for this fairway wood? A3: The 12-degree loft specifies the angle of the clubface relative to the vertical plane. In the context of a Number 2 fairway wood, this loft provides a lower trajectory for increased distance while maintaining some height in the ball's trajectory.

Q4: Is the Number 2 fairway wood versatile in its usage? A4: Yes, the Number 2 fairway wood is versatile and can be used from the fairway, rough, or off the tee. It is suitable for long shots where both distance and accuracy are important.

Q5: How does the Number 2 fairway wood compare to a traditional 2 iron? A5: The Number 2 fairway wood is often considered a more forgiving alternative to a traditional 1 iron. The larger head and design of fairway woods make them easier to hit for many golfers, especially on long shots.

Q6: What advantages does the 12-degree loft bring to the Number 2 fairway wood? A6: The 12-degree loft provides a balance between achieving distance and maintaining some height in the ball's trajectory. This loft is suitable for golfers seeking a long-range club that offers both carry and roll.

Q7: Can the Number 2 fairway wood be used off the tee? A7: Yes, the Number 2 fairway wood is designed for use off the tee. It provides an option for golfers who prefer the characteristics of fairway woods when teeing off on longer holes.

Q8: How should golfers approach testing and integrating the Number 2 fairway wood into their game? A8: Golfers are encouraged to test the Number 2 fairway wood during practice rounds to understand how it aligns with their swing and playing style. Consulting with golf professionals and considering customer reviews can offer valuable insights.

12° loft number 2 fairway woods!


  • Distance: Compared to a 1-iron, you can expect similar or slightly more distance with a 12° wood due to its larger sweet spot and lower center of gravity. The launch angle also contributes to longer carry distances, especially for slower swings.
  • Launch: Absolutely! This wood will likely launch the ball significantly higher than a 1-iron, making it easier to get airborne and carry further, especially for slower swings. This is a boon for golfers struggling with low launch issues.
  • Forgiveness: A key advantage of the wood is its superior forgiveness on off-center hits. The larger head size and lower CG minimize distance and accuracy loss compared to a 1-iron, offering more confidence on mishits.


  • Long par 4s: While not the longest option, a 12° wood can handle some longer par 4s, especially with good launch and distance. Consider fairway woods with lower lofts for extreme lengths.
  • Tight lies: Although not ideal for heavy rough, the wider sole and higher bounce angle of some woods offer slight advantages over 3-irons in light rough or sand. Lower-lofted woods perform better in thicker rough.
  • Punch shots: The compact head and high launch are perfect for punch shots under low branches or tight situations. You can generate enough power without excessive height, ensuring the ball stays low and avoids obstacles.

Comparison to Other Models:

  • Thomas Golf AT505 2 Wood: Known for its classic feel and consistent performance, offering comparable distance and forgiveness as other reputable brands.
  • Callaway Rogue ST Max 2 Wood: This model emphasizes distance and explosive power, possibly offering slightly more distance than the AT505, but might prioritize distance over feel for some golfers.

Fitting Considerations:

  • Shaft flex: Choose a shaft flex that matches your swing speed. Stiff flex for faster swings, regular flex for average swings, and senior flex for slower swings. Consulting a professional fitter is recommended for optimal performance.
  • Grips: Most brands offer various grip options in terms of size and texture. Consider your hand size and preferred feel to choose the right grip.

Tips for Using a 2-Wood Effectively:

  • Practice: Spend time getting comfortable with the club on the range to understand its distance and launch characteristics.
  • Tee it up: On longer holes or tight lies, teeing up the ball can promote a cleaner strike and higher launch.
  • Swing smoothly: Focus on a smooth swing instead of trying to overpower the club. Let the wood's design do the work for you.
  • Use it strategically: Think of the 2-wood as your go-to option for long par 4s, tight lies where irons might struggle, or punch shots under pressure.

Benefits of Fairway Woods over Irons:

  • Distance: Fairway woods generally offer more distance than irons of the same loft due to their larger sweet spot, lower CG, and optimized launch angles.
  • Forgiveness: They provide significantly more forgiveness on off-center hits, minimizing distance and accuracy loss, especially beneficial for high handicappers and golfers with inconsistent swings.
  • Launch: Fairway woods launch the ball higher than irons, making them easier to hit for slower swings and in windy conditions.
  • Playability: They offer more versatility than irons, allowing you to hit a wider range of shots from various lies, including rough and sand.

Drawbacks of Fairway Woods:

  • Cost: Fairway woods are generally more expensive than irons.
  • Feel: Some golfers might prefer the traditional feel of irons compared to the slightly softer feel of woods.

Overall, a 12° loft number 2 fairway wood offers a versatile and forgiving option for a wide range of golfers. Consider your individual needs and preferences when choosing the right brand, model, and shaft flex for your game.

Thomas Golf AT705 1 Hybrid Shaft

Thomas Golf Number 2 Fairway Wood Graphite Shaft (available in men’s R-Flex, S-Flex or Senior A-flex)

THOMAS Frequency & Flex Matched tour-grade seamless shafts made of premium super high modulus graphite fibers provide a light weight of 60 grams raw shaft weight, and about 55 grams assembled shaft weight for increased swing speed, while maintaining a low torque of 3.3° to reduce head twisting and lagging at impact, resulting in increased shot accuracy. THOMAS shafts are seamless and have been specifically designed to match and optimize the performance of THOMAS heads for alignment accuracy and ball flight. Specialized Mid Kick-Point provides an optimum balance of trajectory & control. Each shaft undergoes extensive testing including Bend Stressing and Frequency Calibration ensuring integrity and consistency from shaft to shaft.
The senior version has… and Specialized Low Kick-Point assists in achieving higher shot trajectory. Each shaft undergoes extensive testing including Bend Stressing and Frequency Calibration ensuring integrity and consistency from shaft to shaft.

TG-Pro Grip for Thomas Golf  Number 2 Fairway Wood, 12 Degree Loft


TG-Pro Grips (Small, Standard, Mid-sized, Oversized)

  • This newly engineered compound provides the optimum balance of comfort, control, traction and shock absorption.
  • Paint-filled hand placement reference markers for consistent gripping and accurate club alignment to aid in shot accuracy.
  • Specially designed tread pattern provides exceptional traction and surface feel.
  • The small-size grip is designed for the golfer that uses a small golf glove.
    Standard size grip is for the golfer that uses a mid-size golf glove.
    The mid-size grip is for the golfer that uses a large golf glove.
    The oversize grip is for the golfer that uses an X-large golf glove.